I have now signed up to participate in Camp WriMo, april 2019

Terrified and nervous I face thirty days of writing, exploring what will happen with “The Solar Eclipse”.  With Jaycee and Bill.

Oh my god!

But you can’t let fear rule you, can you?
Oh no! NO! NO! NO!

... and at this very minute, time is 11.20 PM, Sunday, March 31, 2019...

5 thoughts on “TERRIFIED!

    1. I do! I do!
      Have actually already written something today. A bit odd, since I mostly write at evenings, nights even.
      702 words! At first I thought what I wrote was dull and worthless, but then it got easier. It was really fun!

      Do you think I should publish it on the blog? I’ve seen that you and many others publish your stories. (Not all and everything, I guess.)


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