The last day of March

Ninny Rhino – the Mini WriMo – day 31

And as such – also the last day of Ninny Rhino.
How did it go?

I’m satisfied!

I’m sitting here now, after lunch, with the coffee – pondering.
We have this night changed our clocks to summertime. Outdoor a totally blue sky falls in folds over the city. The sun pours warmth and light through my windows and it’s time to pull down the blind and draw the curtain facing south. But there is also a fierce nippy wind blowing, stopping me from entering the balcony.

Earlier today, though, I went for a short walk. I breathed in the wonderful sight of buds on tree branches and bushes, and newborn white starflowers popping open in the green grass. There are nothing like the first sunny days of spring, even a nippy day.

So? How was March?
Did I write as I was supposed to? Daily?
No, not quite. Most days though, I wrote something. Many days I organized my files and folders with writing stuff and uploaded a selection of them as new projects in Scrivener.

And not forgetting! – I wrote the beginning to something completely new, thanks to Diana Wallace Peach at Myths of the Mirror, when I attended her writing prompt for March. So it’s actually her doing, inspiring me both to join Ninny Rhino as well as that prompt. Which in turn dared me to go further with my writing.

On the whole! Comparing with other months, I have during March written more, and more frequently, than for  quite a long time. And completed other tasks that are connected to writing.

That includes reading or listening to more books during March than I also haven’t done for a long time. As I see it, reading is an important part of writing. Even an occasional bad book! If you can stand it and actually finish it, you might learn how not to write. 😉

This has probably a lot to do with my joining up with Goodreads. So many books there are in the world, that I would love to read or listen to!
I actually also got me my own account on Storytel, instead of sharing the family account of my daughter’s. Feels nice to have my own book-shelf also there.

So! Despite the fact I didn’t write every single day, I’m very pleased with my achievement. I can clearly see now, that I’m moving forward with myself, my life, my dreams, my writing. With Me!

And tomorrow is April 1st... 
and CampWriMo...