A three days long vacation

Or is it technically four? A added the last day's achievement of writing for the Camp WriMo early in the morning that last day, so in a way, it is four. I realize though, I have to start writing again as soon as possible, since I know, the longer I wait, it has a tendency … Continue reading A three days long vacation

Camp WriMo finished!

And I feel sooooo good!!! Wrote 400+ words late yesterday evening, finished only a few minutes before midnight, but decided to wait until today until adding the word account on the Camp WriMo site. This morning I read the text through, changed a couple of word choices and added a couple of sentences. Then I … Continue reading Camp WriMo finished!

Friday evening

Not that late though. Only 6.30PM... and it will probably be at least 7.30 before I've finished writing this post. Or 8.30... or... Oooops! As if I haven't done enough writing lately! I'm really good at my Camp-story. Earlier today I wrote like circa 1000 words or so of really lousy writing. A lot of … Continue reading Friday evening


Not that long ago, I wrote a short story. (Haven't we all...) Well! This particular one has come to my mind several times lately. It would probably do very well as a kind of Post Scriptum, or epilogue, to my "Eclipse"-story. It's not particularly long, only 719 words - But written in Swedish.. So I'll … Continue reading Panicking!

Also today, my friends!

Today, I didn't reach 1000 words, but close enough! 967 of them. It's okay! Though I didn't think it was a particular good scene. And not until circa 500 words along the path, it started to feel like a flow again. Though everything doesn't have to be tip-top at the first draft. It seldom is … Continue reading Also today, my friends!

Camp WriMo – Update

Thursday, April 18 - and the day before Easter. My concern right now, is when and if  I'll have time to write anything on Sunday, since we are having a family meeting then. Mixed feelings, in other words. You see, my writing for Camp WriMo has exceeded my anticipation hugely. Yesterday's contribution made me almost … Continue reading Camp WriMo – Update

The Accused

"And you are Mephisto Suleiman the third?" The voice was harsh and had a very distinct Scottish accent. "The forth, your Honor." "Beg your pardon?" "I'm Mephisto Suleiman the forth, my Lordship. Suleiman the third was my father, may he rest in peace." The auditorium in where this took place, was huge, cold and dark. … Continue reading The Accused