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Look! How nice!

Yesterday I was looking for some kind of badge for the Camp WriMo. Didn’t find any!

But today I must have pushed the right button, because there it suddenly was! I wonder what else there is on that page, that I need but haven’t found yet

However! Oddly enough, have I already written todays task. 702 words. My “normal” writing time is during evenings, and sometimes quite late.

So at the moment a feel a bit off. Haven’t been outdoors today and havn’t done anything ordinary.

Now I’m just pondering what to do with today’s text and what updates I might wanna do on the blog concerning my Camp. But I have the rest of the day to ponder that.

But soon I’ll bike to my grandson, to take him to the doctor.
Not quite ordinary either. And I hate driving car downtown
But what don’t you do…. ❤



Doesn’t the version I created look quit nice too?