The Eclipse – aka The Solar Eclipse


I’ve decided!

I will share my texts to Camp WriMo here, for you to read. One each day. Or maybe gather a couple once in a while. Haven’t decided yet which might be the best. Short ones may go together, and long ones may stand alone.

EDIT! April 4th. For the time being I've moved away my posts with these 
Eclipse-texts, until I've decided how to do with them. I'll write and publish 
posts about Camp-WriMo, and that I keep on writing, as well as thoughts 
about my story, but not publish the actual texts. Maybe later.

But so you know what to expect – here are my parameters.I’ve decided that the most important, is to write something every day.
As the goal, I’ve chosen 15 000 words. That means 500 words per day on average.

I’ll keep on working on “The Solar eclipse” – a name I’ve now shortened to “The Eclipse”. I’ve absolutely no clue whether it will “be something” of this or not, but so far it feels good.

I very much enjoy the hours I’m writing. Yes! It takes me extra time to do this. When writing in Swedish I’m much faster. (Surprised you now, huh…?  😀 ) I don’t have to look for the best word or synonym. Don’t have to check spelling or grammar. But that’s okay! Despite that extra time, it’s a challenge I appreciate!

If (when) I make mistakes with spelling, word choice or grammar, please feel free to correct me. I don’t trust Grammarly entirely. Though I think it’s reliable when it comes to the choice of preposition. That’s a weak spot of mine.

I’ll also now and then show some update on how the story progresses. Don’t know yet exactly how to do that, but will figure it out eventually.

Today it looks like this! Just took a screenshot at Camp WriMo. But the graph doesn’t show much… not yet only a tiny little red dot down at the left corner.