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Thursday is Friend-day

Between breakfast and lunch (yes, mostly I eat breakfast late), I went to attend my “women’s group” and had a nice time. Then home for a quick lunch and after that away to my other group of women, having an even nicer time. I’m really fortunate, I know. And I’m grateful!

But! That means I didn’t begin writing until very late in the afternoon. However, this is me! An evening writer so I don’t complain.

April 4, also means Day 4 of Camp WriMo!
What would I Write today? What did I write?

Before I started writing at all, with the #writingprompt a couple of weeks ago, and even more when joining Camp WriMo, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find anything to write about! That my fantasy was still gone and buried six feet under!

But I manage! At least so far, and I have decided to not anymore even think of the possibility of not finding anything to write about. Fear is your worst enemy if you want something done! If you actually deep within yourself don’t want to conceive a writing project, then – be afraid! Because fright will sooner or later stop you. If it even lets you start, to begin with.

So I made a swift decision. I refuse to be afraid any more! Thoughts and ideas will come to me from my inner, higher self! And so far it has. It did between 2006 to 2012 – and it does now!

Today I came to think of a draft/idea/beginning from the time I went to Writing schools. This idea (and I found a couple more) would do perfectly well with the character that suddenly showed up in my story yesterday. Both in the way the character is as a person, AND in the way I wrote both of those texts. First tense, second person.

Oh yes! So I have!!! 😀 😀 😀

What I didn’t like, hated actually, was that that draft/idea was written in Swedish and I had to TRANSLATE IT into English! It was awful! Those in total 519 words (added some extra 130 when editing) must have taken me twice the time to translate/write, then if I had written a story with the same amount of words directly in English.

I NEVER translate! Never!!! Ever!!!
I THINK in English when I WRITE in English!

(Hear! Hear!!!)

I managed to write 519 words this evening – altogether I now have during these 4 days, written 2479 words. If I add those 1097 words in the very first piece “The Solar Eclipse”, I’ve now a story with 3576 words.

I’m pleased! I’m happy! And I feel like I’m back on track again. The daily writing track! This story might perhaps even BE something! BUT! I’ll not write aiming for publishing – at least not as the first and most important drive. I’ll write because it’s funny and I enjoy it so very much.

By the way… For the time being, none of the texts I’ll write and have written for Camp WriMo are published here in the blog. I have to think about that option for a while. A short story is one thing, but if this story grows into something more then just a … gag… – and there is a huge possibility it will – I’ve better not publish any part of it on the blog. Not just yet, anyway. After all! It is only a First Draft!!! There might be a last draft as well!
And then, done and ready! We aim for that, don’t we?