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Saturday evening, April 6

Apropos Camp WriMo; as the text for today, instead of writing a new piece, I chose to add the very first one I wrote. The one I added to Diana’s speculative writing prompt. The one that started this adventure. The Solar Eclipse.

Why? Was I cheating, you think?

Well, I don’t think so! That text belongs to the story. I really should have signed that one to the first day, but I didn’t think about it, that it could have been possible. And what I did write, I couldn’t stop from coming. The story was there and wanted to be written!

During the next few days, there was another thing that over and over again was popping up as I was writing. If you remember (or read it again), I had placed JayCee in a cold environment, but my mind, my Muse, wanted her in a warm – NO HOT! – environment. So I solved the problem by editing the entire thing so it would fit with the heat instead of the cold, and then counting those 1087 words as written today. In total, I now have 4368 words. (I’m the one in my Cabin that has written the most, some of them hasn’t even started. It doesn’t seem so, anyway.

However, I haven’t written all of the texts in the order it will be read later. Two days I’ve accomplished texts that have to be placed somewhere else in the store. In other words – I’ve written in beforehand! Sometimes it’s hard to begin writing a text, so I had some help from a couple of old fragments of ideas. And as such – there are scenes that will be used somewhere else in the story.

Thanks to that, two more characters have also been born. A guy called Theyou, and a woman named Lana. She is fun. Her personality is tough and quick-tongued. A bit bitchy, actually. So fun to write her. And Theyou? I haven’t pictured him yet, not fully. A young guy, quite small, but brave. He has a quest to fulfill. And yes – it’s fun to write him too.
Fun to write all four of them.

What else do I do, except writing?

I am enjoying the warm sunny weather, biking, meeting friends and family, and listen to books. Presently I listen to “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” by Alexander McCall Smith.
Quite good… Slightly boring…


Before that I listened to a book by “THE Swedish queen of Murder Mysteries”: Maria Lang – Mördaren ljuger inte ensam. from 1949.

Can´t find if this particular one is translated into English, but others are. Check Goodreads or Wikipedia or something to get examples. Some of her Mysteries have also become movies and are very popular now. They are also for sale at f.ex. AdLibris – in a new edition – and not at a low price…

She wrote her Crime fiction for four decades. 1949 – 1990, and I think I have read most of them. If not all…
I like her mysteries very much. And actually, they still feel quite modern!


I also act as a Sofa Potato – quite a lot…