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Time flies when you’re happy

Suddenly I realized I haven’t been writing any blog post for several days. Four, to be exact. And with emphasis on the word “writing”.
I have been writing for Camp WriMo though! Every day!

When the sun sets and the horizon glows in pink and orange, I ask my inner self: What will we write today? And from who’s perspective? And – if it’s not too early, it has to be at least dusk, I get an answer. So I grab my Mackie, open Scrivener, and start writing. And have immensely fun while doing it.

You know! This is like reading a book! I haven’t even the slightest clue what will happen next! My inner self knows, and this collaboration makes this sooooo fantastic and wonderful! I kind of like not knowing what will happen further on in the story. Okay! Some hints and thoughts I have, but very general ones.

After breakfast today, the first breakfast, I organized a “word-report” and used (actually) Excel for it. Made one column for April 1st to 30th,  one column for the number of words written for The Eclipse, and one for what I write on the blog!

Yeah! Why not! It’s writing! And my first and foremost goal is to get back to the habit of writing daily and regularly! It also seems like this blog, at least for the time being, is very focused on my writings to Camp WriMo.

Nevertheless! I had to correct the number of words I’ve written. I wanted all to assemble with how it looked on Scrivener – this day this many words, and the next day that many. Get all in order and also be able to see the progress from day to day.

At first, it looked totally wrong! Why did Scrivener show a lot more words when I hit the “Manuscript” than when I manually counted the files together one by one? I found the answer. One text that I had translated from Swedish to English, and then adapted so it would fit the character it was meant to – I had forgotten to add it! It was still lying in another folder!!! But in the same head folder as the Manuscript itself.

This work took some time completing, counting and recounting, adding proper formulas to get the table as I wanted it, but finally! I had it! Every day had its own text. The very first one – the one that lies here on the blog as well – and the one I had forgotten to add, earlier and thus chose to add as today’s “job”. Well! Now they are all there! Updated both on the Camp WriMo stats, as well as on my own excel-file.
I’ve now written 7329 words! Not counting this blog post, though. Not yet.  (Here and now – 454)

I actually also raised my goal on Camp WriMo from 15000 to 21000 words