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I confess! Haven’t been reading much lately.

Finished “Educated” by Tara Westower. Super-good!
Finished “The Timetravelers Wife” by Audrey Nieffenegger. One of my favorites!
Finished the Swedish Murder Mystery by Maria Lang – brilliant, and feels very modern though it was written in 1949. There weren’t no computers nor any cell phones back then. That’s about it! Otherwise it could have been written now!

I also finished Alexander McCall Smith’s first book about Madame Mosu… mau… something… The number One first detective agency. (Did I get it right now?) Well! Boring!

I tried some tips from Thursday friends:
By a Jenny Colgan, something about some bakery on some beach. Boring – and illogical! Skipped it!
Two others of the same kind: Boring, Boring!!!
Tried for the third time to listen to Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere”, but didn’t succeed to get hooked! And that is supposed to be a fantasy! Very odd – but skipped that as well.

Finally, this afternoon, I began to listen to the first Harry Potter book once more – The Philosophers stone, read by Stephen Fry. First of all! They are really, really good, the books about Harry and  Hogwarts! After reading or listening to them, you won’t bother about the movies any longer. They are “nothing” compared with the books.

I also simply adores listening to Stephen Fry who reads this series. He is marvelous!

So now I stick to that one for a while. It’s quite handy to be listening to books instead of reading them. Though I would of course never stop reading books, but for the time being listening to them suits me better.

2 thoughts on “reading – sometimes – still

  1. Stephen Fry’s reading of the Harry Potter books is amazing. I remember listening to one of them when painting my kitchen nearly 20 years ago. It’s hard to imagine they’ve been out that long, but they must’ve been since I remember reading to my friends’ children when they were small, and now they are both grown up, left college and have fantastic jobs. It must’ve been Harry Potter magic!


    • It is, it is, it is! 😀

      My 2 eldest grandchildren, boys, must have been 7 and 5 (now 22 and 20) when I tried to read the first Harry Potter loud for them. But they couldn’t sit still long enough. They also only wanted to hear the “wild” parts. The cool ones!!! Since that were the parts they liked on the movies.
      The eldest – whom I now drive to and fro to his work, (so he is stuck with me several times a week )- have recently listened to all the HP-books and like them very much. We talk quite a lot about books and movies, but also about other things. Like healthy food, for example. He’s amazing!
      There is one part in me that wish he’ll never get his drivers license.
      And probably he will get a flat in that other city, before. Or – instead of.
      I know my lovely boy! <3<3<3

      By the way! There is another really good reader, namely George Guidall.


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