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Friday evening

Not that late though. Only 6.30PM… and it will probably be at least 7.30 before I’ve finished writing this post. Or 8.30… or…

Oooops! As if I haven’t done enough writing lately! I’m really good at my Camp-story. Earlier today I wrote like circa 1000 words or so of really lousy writing. A lot of Telling, and almost no Showing. Mostly babbling. Like now. On the other hand – I’m about to know my characters very well! Not all seemingly evil beings, are only evil. Except for the Judge, maybe… But he might surprise me as well! Who knows? (Me?)

Then I kept on writing. I just couldn’t stop there I thought, when I have so little left writing to do. And what do you know!!! The last 150 – 200 words or so, there I just got it, and I finished the last sentence in a kind of chock!

No! I didn’t finish the number of words that was my April goal! (But almost though) It was that last paragraph that revealed something I certainly hadn’t expected. It was sooooo gooooood!!!
I’m pondering now, whether I shall write more today or not, but I think not. Today’s work did render me 1275 words, which means I now in total have written 23745 words, which in turn means I have only 255 words left to write!

Am I good or am I good!!!

Some of what I’ve written came out really good almost at the first try. Some are good. Some are really lousy, and the rest – are more or less bla bla bla. Telling, not showing. But I think I can use most of it, maybe everything in some way or another – after some earnest rewriting.
What is fun, really a turn-on actually, is that there are so many clues in the story that I just have to explore. And almost every one of them just popped up, by themselves as it seemed!

But for now, I’m really tired. Not of the story itself, but especially the last week have felt that I have nothing more in me. Have had no idea at all what to write, and have really wanted a couple of days off. But I have been writing anyway, and got really amazed when it actually came words out from me!

Okay! It’s been tiring to have to write every day, but to be honest – that wasn’t the major cause of the recent fatigue. The week before Easter I had a lot to do, more than usual. One – I was driving my grandson three mornings out of four – AND – fetched him in the afternoons all four days. (His mom, the hairdresser, had a lot lot lot to do that week.)

Anyway! I. Do. Not. Do. MORNINGS!

So now you know. Bad sleeping. Tired tired tired! And on top of that, I’ve been very sloppy with my eating habits for a couple of weeks now. Too little greens and too big portions of pasta, bread and such. But worst of all – I’ve been eating cheese! And been buying those delicious Café Lattes. AND I tried eating the real goat cheese stuff – the brown one – since I read somewhere that if you can’t eat products made of cow milk, you might be able to eat products made of goat milk. And I LOVE that brown cheese!  Have always!

It’s just that I shouldn’t have…. eaten… all that… PLUS what I stuffed myself with on Easter Sunday when we were visiting my youngest daughter and her family for Easter lunch (et cetera). Lots of eggs, and sausages, and that awful Swedish specialty made of raw fish. And I don’t mean Sushi…

Today I’ve begun feeling better again, not that deadly tired any longer – and I really do hope I’ve learned the lesson now. This isn’t the first time, you know…

And now it’s 7:30 PM – seems to be a personal record in “fast writing in English”…. Is that due to all the Camp writing where you have to ignore what you have been writing to be able to keep on writing… ?)

At 7:35 today, April 26, 2019 – Quite a graph, aha…