May Speculative Fiction #Writingprompt

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Finally May, and a new Challenge. 😀

Myths of the Mirror

Pixabay image by Brigitte Werner

For visually challenged writers, this is an image of a man who is part human and part machine. Behind him are gears and wires as well as a hint of fire or electricity.

Yay! It’s that time again, finally. Thank you to everyone who responded to March’s prompt (we skipped April due to my travels). Now, we’re heading in a new direction once again! Steampunk!

Above is May’s image. If interested, you have until May 23rd to submit a response. Happy Writing!

Here’s how it works:

On the first of every month, I’ll post a speculative fiction prompt from Pixabay. These images are attribution free so you can use them on your blog without worrying about copyright restrictions.

Throughout the month, in order of receipt, I’ll reblog as many of your prompt-inspired creations as I can. And on the last day of each month…

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Can’t stop!


Can’t stop listening to Jacqueline Winspear’s book about Maisie Dobbs. Sometime, months ago, I listened to the first two ones: “Maisie Doobs” and “Birds of a feather”, liked them a lot but then I did other things, listened to other books – and then I forgot about Maisie!

Until yesterday evening. I was looking for a book that really would catch me. Have tested several, but no. My attention has kept on flying on other routes.

Got reminded though, and late yesterday evening I added to Storytel, the third book in the Maisie Dobbs series, “Pardonable lies” and today I have already listened to a little more than a third of the book. Almost 4,5 hours out of 12.

It seems impossible to take the ear-plugs out of the ears and put the iPhone down, and since it’s possible to listen to a book and do almost anything else while doing it – well – I listen! While cooking, eating, doing the dishes, clean the bathroom, mop the floors…
Not while vacuuming, though…

Though not today, it’s also very possible to listen to books while biking, walking, driving the car (highway mostly), and of course while just sitting in the sofa doing some kind of coloring on the iPad – or something which doesn’t need much brain activity to do – so! I listen until my ears don’t want to do it any longer. Or when I have forced myself to write a blog post…

So this book really caught my attention!