The shortest story ever?

Once upon a time…

… and then they lived happily ever after.


Love the illustrations!
I see you’re also reading ‘The Book of Dust’. I’m really enjoying it. I read his ‘Dark Materials Trilogy’ when it first came out and loved it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a daemon? Especially when you were a child and it kept changing.


    They are cute! But really, it’s only one of those “thingies” you can add to an iMessage instead of a smiley. A friend sent me some during a conversation, and I got that idea.

    I recently started to read “Dust”, was actually inspired by you. 😀 I too read that trilogy years ago and at first I thought I should begin by listening to them before “Dust”. But the reader was so tiresome to listen to, so I skipped that.
    Am only at the beginning, though. Have listened to 1 hour out of 13,5, but it seems to be good!
    In a way we have daemons. They aren’t visible to the eyes though, and can’t be cut off by some vicious daemon collector.


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