About “The Mechanical Man”

When I wrote the first part about The Mechanical ManBeing another you – as a reply to Diana Wallace Peach’s #writingprompt at Myths of the Mirror, for May, I had absolutely no idea it would be  anything more than a fairly short story about someone who called himself Andrew Millbourne.

But he grew on me, and I wanted to know more about him. How come he was on that planet in the first place? Why? So I wrote part two – Andrew Millbourne’s big secret.

Now! It would be it then?
Nope! It wasn’t!

Well, I thought, three parts. That’s a good number. Then the story will be finished. I already had a brief hunch about the ending. Andrew needed a bit more before he could reach the end. So three parts, I said to myself. One, two three. Got it?

Oh! HAHA! Little did I know!

Up til now, I have written seven parts and am yet not at the ending. Oh, it’s closing up, no doubt about that, but there are a few more things Andrew has to go through before we reach the end. One more part, or two? Well! Let’s just see what Andrew has to say about that. It’s after all his life we are dealing with.

I love immensely to write about this! It’s fascinating to learn to know a story and a character (or more) like this. It’s thrilling to start a writing session without knowing anything about how it will unfold itself. I might know a little bit in beforehand, or I get an image in my head, or a sentence. About the ending, for example, the only thing I know  right now, is where, geographically, Andrew will be. (And a tiny bit more.)

So! Che sera, sera….

At last, here and now, remember this:
The ending – is just another beginning.

4 thoughts on “About “The Mechanical Man”

  1. You just answered my questions about how this story is growing. I’m so glad that this character demanded his story be told, Thea. It’s the most exciting part of writing for me – when characters become REAL people and compel us to write. I’m looking forward to seeing where your/his story goes. 😀


    1. 😀 😀 😀
      Oh he can be demanding, all right! He even told me off when I tried to call him Michael instead of Andrew because of the nick name Andy. That name I associated to a sinister robot in Stephen King’s “Wolves of the Calla”. Nope! No Michael here, it had to be Andrew!
      This is sooooo awesome! Just LOVE writing this story! Have just finished the next part, but I have to wait at least one day before I publish that one.

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  2. My first novel was written as a prompt response that kept growing and growing as well – it’s an incredibly exciting feeling when a story starts to run away with you like that, isn’t it? So glad you’re getting to experience that, and can’t wait to see where you go with it!


    1. Thank you, Alex!
      It sure is wonderful, this feeling.
      When I wrote my first stories, I didn’t know about prompts at all. Didn’t even have a blog back then. Instead, I was during 6 years attending schools in creative writing, and the “family” we became was also very inspiring and wonderful.
      But now! Finally being able to write again after several years of a burnout – that is divine!!! I’m really happy about it!


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