For three or four days I’ve been going through all 184 premium themes that are available to me at Wp. I have for quite some time wanted a theme with a ‘Drop Caps’, and preferably also an ‘Intro.’

(Drop caps real “name” is drop capital or drop initial, a larger initial letter of a section of a text, at least twice the height of one row. I’ve earlier learnt this under the name Anfang. I guess this word has its roots in the old Gutenberg typesetting system. And I don’t mean Wp,s  awful Gutenberg editor. (shivering of disgust). The word Anfang just means “beginning”
An Intro is a section at the beginning of a text, a sentence or a shorter paragraph, that has a larger font-seize then the rest of the text. You can see both of them in the paragraph above.)

I’ve always liked Drop caps. And even more so if it is a beautiful and/or fun one. Therefore I’ve been searching for a theme that allows one – even though I will have to add it myself with a CSS-code. But that’s all right.

If it were only possible to search for such a theme on Wp! But that is not something Wp can provide. A good search system. Last time I added “drop caps” as a search term, I got two hits. I searched for microformats, got some hits, but not necessarily drop caps. And now I realize there are themes that can show a drop cap, but still don’t show up when searched for. Hmm…

Drop caps and Intros aren’t necessary. I just think it can look really good, at the beginning of something written. Something where words are in focus.
Necessary is, on the contrary, to have a narrow main column when written texts are the main concern. For one simple reason – it’s way more readable! With long rows, it too easy for the eyes to lose contact, you can literally unintentionally glide from one row to another, and thus lose contact with what you’re reading.

So besides a Drop cap and hopefully also an Intro, I want a narrow main column. They are not easy to find, most of them are among the older themes, and therefore neither allow drop caps nor featured images.

I have missed having featured images.
Not too huge. Not too small. Not covered with grey or any other colour. Not one that has been oddly cropped by Wp. Or squeezed together from up to down. When trying this out, one theme decapitated the Matisse – woman. Not nice at all. And it’s certainly not good-looking when you begin a post with an image, and the very same image turns up as featured – in the same size!!!!

I want a nice looking blockquote.
Not huge and black-black, and not with a quote-sign hanging around. Aligned left or right, it’s nice when it pops out a bit on the side, which also goes for images.

I would like a nice header-image – but that can be hard to get. What I dislike the most, is when they are more or less covered with grey. Or the colour of the Header text doesn’t change with the back-lying images, so

I would like a fun, colourful theme with personality. Those are among the old ones, and there was a time when there were lots and lots of those old funny themes. We who have older blogs – my oldest, and still having, is from 2009, and I will keep that as long as possible due to all the nice old blog-themes. Even though that blog lies dormant at present. And even though Wp have deleted many of them, and keeps on deleting old themes. I think it’s sad that most of the newer blog themes are so look alike. Boring. White with huge texts, images and widgets. Now I talk about

You with – for example – have way more possibilities. Last time I had a look at, there must have been at least circa 2000. Which also makes it a bit tough to choose. Who knows in beforehand exactly how one wants the blog to look like? I don’t, never have.

Anyhow! With Wp, you never get all of what you really want. So you have to compromise. What is the most important?
To me, now – the drop caps and a good looking featured image placement. And absolutely a narrow main column. The rest I hoped for.

So, therefore, I added the CSS codes to the Text (instead of Visual in the editor) in the latest post. Later on, I also sat with my iPad adding featured images to some of the later ones.

Then I checked out how my blog would look like, covered in every one of the themes. Most of them I just previewed hastily, a couple I tested a little. I made some short notes about each theme I didn’t discard immediately. And I also made a couple of notes on some  themes without drop caps, as they seemed to be quite nice

I forgot to count how many I had “chosen” during this first round. Twenty, twenty-five maybe. Then I checked out these with a real preview. At that time I had added the featured images. Due to those, I discarded a lot of themes. I also rapidly discarded those with wide main columns, or with any other flaws.

Then they were ten!
And then two.
Then I chose this one. Patch.
Discovered there were no “previous” and “next” posts.
Sighed…. was totally fed up with the whole blog thing now… grabbed the first best blog that was at hand…

Name: Photo Blog.
The theme with the name Photo Blog has one of the
most narrow main columns of them all! 
And the one called "Bloggy" has one of the widest! 
Odd world - WP.

Was it all okay then?

Looked at both.

And turned immediately back to Patch. I like this one more.
I didn’t get any good looking Blockquotes though.

Now I only have to add featured images to quite a lot of posts, and maybe I will delete a couple at the same time. Clean up the blog, so to speak.

Finally A confession:
On the whole, I think it’s funny to test themes. This time it was just too many to check out, it got tiresome in the end. Many of them are also boring to look at, and some are – plain ugly.

But that is just my opinion!