Oh goshesssss

Family day tomorrow! All of us having summer-lunch at one of my daughters. All three of them will be there. And their dad. At least I think so. “All of us!”, DaughterM said.

Also one son in law, my youngest daughter’s husband, and in all – six grandchildren. The youngest is five years old. A real heart-warmer. At least my heart gets warm.
I don’t think the two eldest guys, at 20 and 22 will join. The eldest might say “Hi” – but nope. No participation from their side. They never do.

It will be very warm weather tomorrow, as it has been today. Lovely to sit outside at the patio. Lovely to be with my family. I love being back in my hometown!

(The Dad is ill. Circa 42 years ago, a startled horse reared and then landed on his right knee. Crushed it. And that knee has bothered him ever since.
He was like a devil while his entire leg was covered with plaster. Not only to me. Later I heard friends and acquaintances talk about that period. Those who had encountered him and had to endure his bad temper and screaming at them. They were helping him!
We got divorced two or three years after that. Not only because of the knee injury and his spitefulness..
Later on, he developed Parkinson’s disease. I don’t remember when that occurred. Twenty years ago? More? Anyhow, he has been on medication for years and years. Been poisoned by that, I would say, even though it also has helped him cope with his Parkinson.
He looks now like he is at least 20 years older than he is. But he is still very irritating. He thinks he knows me. He didn’t even know me while we were married. But that is quite another story. He might come, or he might not.) End of parentheses.

And the end of this blog post. See you soon again!