Oh, these days…

For ten days, I haven’t been writing anything that could be labelled fiction. It’s a pity – but not horrible. But if this not-writing will continue longer, it will be horrible. I had hoped for more, when I finally began writing again.

Though, I’m not mad about myself. What good would that do? On the contrary. I would only feel miserable. I understand, and accept this hiatus since I know the reason why, and also know I soon will be writing again.

After been suffering from that burn-out for many years, without being able to neither read, write, nor listen to music (and more), it’s brilliant I have begun writing again at all! So what if I yet haven’t got the every-day-writing as a firm habit?

In a little less than two months, 56 days in April and May, I have written 34 100 words! Not counting blog posts!

So what if I have 10 days off?

I had hoped for Diana’s writing prompt for June, though. But due to personal matters she couldn’t do that this month. I understand, and look forward to July.

I also look forward to July months edition of Camp-NaNoWriMo. I obviously need a bit of pressure on myself to continue to write every day. Until I am self-going again, anyway.

And I will be. Self-going. Soon.