July, 1 – and the quest has begun

So it has started! The Camp. The WriMo. Thirtyone days of writing. Wow! I love that!

Began the quest with 1196 words – my goal is 1000 words per day for 31 days – and to my own surprise, there was a new person in the game! And two more characters, whatever they are. At first one was a hawk and the other was a rat, but that was performed as disguise only.

I kept on for several hours over lunch. At the beginning it was hard. Oh, I got words out of me, but they came slowly and not until halfway through the Muse came. It was Albert today. Then it speeded up. The smile took over the face, the heart and the mind, and the fingers began to run over the keyboard.

I wonder what will happen next. You do know, don’t you, that I write what I want to read? So you could say, everything comes as a surprise since I let the inner me rule. The innate always knows best.

Along the road, I can also see I put seeds to grow, and make connections with other scenes and characters, and in the back of my head, I have began to ponder how this person will meet the other. And why.

All this is so thrilling.