Getting labelled

Recently on the Camp, I saw someone telling about currently writing a “Middle Grade” story.

I had absolutely no idea what that means – sounded mostly like something to do with schools. So I yahooed (never g o o g l e!). At first, I only found information about how to write Middle-grade stories, but nothing about what it meant. What is specific for it? For goodness gracious, folks. I am Swedish! I don’t know all those fun or odd or sometimes even stupid ways of calling things! All those expressions!!!
(Guess we have that in Swedish as well, but those are not stupid or odd… huh?! 😉 😀 😀 😀 ) )

Anyhow, jokes put aside, eventually, I found a description of what this label means. It’s fantasy literature for kids! Up to eight years old!

Okay! I write fantasy – but certainly not Middle Grade.

The next label! Young adult.
Hmmmm…. readers up to 18 years old… the protagonist mustn’t be older than 18… has to include some kind growing, learning about themselves, about life and the world around them… Harry Potter???

I am certainly not writing for Young Adult either. My protagonist is young, but not that young. She is about to turn 21, and at that day – wow, that will be special day! And not in a fun way… though it could have been… but now… no cake… no partying… with a bit of luck, and effort from friends and allied, she will still be alive the day after… and not imprisoned…

So what am I writing?
My main label is “Fantasy”, no doubt about that. But the sub-label? What???
And – does it matter?

Yahooing this morning, and finally end up on Wikipedia. (Where else…?)

Finding under the search term “Fantasy genres” the first headline “Subcategories”.
There are no less than 31 of those…

The next headline is “Pages in category “Fantasy genres””
There are 51 of those…

And there are more subpages…

For heaven’s sake…..!!!
I write Fantasy!!!! 
No more, no less!

Comic, magical, heroic, evil-goodness, gothic, dark, dystopic, time-travel, magic realism, sci-fi…… should I keep on labelling?
(Even a slight hint of romance – but just a hint.)

Pick what you like!
I write about it because I like it!