Time to do something

I really should begin writing today’s scenes in my manuscript.
But I really do not want to do so…

Am I stupid if I skip that writing for one day?

Or not.

I have had one of these so-called eye migraines today, and also headache. Don’t usually have headaches just that odd eye thing, and I usually don’t get it three times in less than a week.

Stressed or too much computer work?
Or relieved of stress?

I had a friend who used to get that ordinary kind of migraine, and got them almost always when he had a couple of days off, or at the beginning of a vacation. I’ve heard that from others as well. When the stress leaves, the migraine comes.

There is one thing I have been very stressed over lately. The car I use to drive my grandson with. For one thing, it sometimes refuses to start. Like when I was supposed to go home from visiting my youngest daughter who lives 140 kilometres away. The car was dead, and we had to tow it to the car mechanic.

Like a week or so later, it was dead again when my daughter should have it. To our ordinary mechanic then, but neither of them found anything that seemed to be wrong! The first one put in new spark plugs, they took me home that time, but then…?

What also has begun to happen, is that the engine is about to get overheated. That too began on my way to the youngest daughter. I had to stop and add water, all that I had available, to get me to her. No faults could be detected by the mechanic but on my way home… twice I stood there beside the highway, waiting for the engine to cool down enough. Well, the second time I was at a smaller road, but still! It was horrible!
At least I had brought lots of water with me that time.

After my daughter’s mishap, the car stood at our mechanic for about a week or so. He checked everything really thoroughly, and couldn’t find anything wrong! As far as he could detect, there was no leakage nor anything!

So I drove the borrowed car over there last Thursday, switched cars, everything should be just fine, and drove back. Parked the car at my daughters overnight, and biked over there the next morning to get the car and the grandson.

Friday. I drove him and then back to my home, 30 + 30 kilometres. It went well. Then the car was parked on my p-place until the afternoon when I was due to go get him. It was a warm day, the car was really warm when I was about to leave, and was also a little bit hard to start. But did so relatively soon enough.

Drove those 30 kilometres. Waited for a while for the grandson, and then we headed back home.

So… Guess what happened now!
Yes! When approximately 4-5 kilometres left, I see that red warning lamp for the cooler shining!!!

Jeeeeeeeezzz!!!! Can’t stop right there… not far to go… have ice in the stomach???

I prayed and drove. Swallowed. Prayed. And soon enough I drove in beside the house, into the shadow, and turned off the engine.

It squeaked!!!

It must have been close to being overheated. I just opened the bonnet and let it stay that way for a while until it had cooled down a bit. Then I biked home to my place and refused to even think about the car.

Since then I haven’t been driving it. The grandson is having three weeks off now, and I’m grateful for that. I don’t want to drive that car any more! It freaks me out! Yes! That car has lately, more and more, get me afraid of driving it!

Okay! I won’t die if the engine won’t start. It might be inconveniently, but not dangerous. And if I take the small road home and have lots of water with me, it’s doable to drive it to and fro that other city.

But I don’t want to do this any longer!!!
I want my grandson to get his drivers license NOW!!!

And I’m also anxious about that eye-thing… (posterior vitreous detachment)
It’s really difficult to let that go and relax.
Despite it was just a minor incident…