A win-win?

So now my daughter and grandson, and her friend are gone. Two days passed quickly by but were very nice. Tiring as well, won’t deny that. Four people in a one-room-flat, also sleeping at nights, and I’m not used to having anyone else sleeping here.
But, of course, also a lot of joy having them here.

It was also tiring due to a lot of walking. Both Friday and Saturday. Visiting these “mansion-gardens-museums” and “Castle-gardens-museums”. Lots of that kind of stuff in this city and its surroundings. Nice, even thrilling – but tiring. Lots of footsteps.

I was lucky it was cloudy and rainy the entire Sunday. I didn’t need to be tempted to go out for a walk or a biking tour. So after they had left after breakfast, the rest of the day I acted as a couch potato only. Including taking a nap. Watched a lot of “Lucifer” on Netflix – and tried to write. Didn’t go well at all… dry as the driest desert…

Two days without any writing at all, Friday and Saturday, that is not good. Oh no! Especially not during a CampWriMo month. The writing-brain kind of cramped on Sunday. So not many words were written. Nope! But yesterday I managed to catch up at least reasonably well to my goal. I’m not behind, anyway. But it was quite lousy written, and I have my thoughts about these kinds of quests. For me, that is.

It’s so bad, that it is good! I mean! If you don’t try to do something new, or in a new way, you won’t know the best way for you to do this whatever it is. Every experience teaches something.

This CampWriMo is good in many ways, I will never regret pushing me through it. But I won’t participate in NaNoWriMo in November. That I know for certain, so don’t even try to tempt me.

Here and now, I have nine days left, including today, to fulfil what I have put on myself thanks to CampWriMo. And I will do it. I can do it!!! And I have learnt a lot about me as a writer, the way to write that functions the best for me.

Will tell you more about that at another time. When I have reached my goal of 31 000 words, perhaps!
(Now – 24 660)