Got it


Monday, 29th – reached my goal on CampWriMo, 30 000 words. Exceeded it with 184.

Was writing between breakfast and lunch, which was awkward and unusual, but nice to be free from the pressure of “must-do” for the rest of the day.

Had been biking 8,5 kilometres in the morning, and was gallivanting around in the flat the rest of the day – when not playing couch-potato or panting under the parasol out on the balcony. A day too hot to think.

Tuesday, 30th – Made fresh back-ups of the manuscript, put it in different places and on different platforms. As pdf, Pages and Scriveners security-backup. On two different places on the computer and in iCloud.

Then I also uploaded one copy of each (3 files – Eclipse 1 and 2, and The Mechanical man) to my web host/domain, and also sent them there in an email. (No homepage there – only a safe place for email-accounts. And storage.)

Should perhaps have printed the back-ups too, but I am between printers.

What? Have I both belt and suspenders? Are you kidding me? Have you ever lost someting you have written?

By the way! Took the rest of the day off. Decided to take Wednesday off as well and begin working on the novel on Thursday. Could be a good day to begin the next phase.

Wednesday, 31st – Started raining. Been a couch potato. Listened a LOT to my present audiobook.
(Which I finished today.)

Thursday, August, 1st – Didn’t write. Didn’t edit. Instead – baked a chocolate cake. Then brought the cake with me to Elaine. Spent the entire afternoon at hers. She is going to be my proofreader. So… still a giving day.

She is also a writing and reading person, so we both look forward to our collaboration. And friendship. She is helping me, and I am helping her. She has another friend who is looking for a writing class of some sort. Maybe we will eventually be a writing group of three? Or more?

By the way! Elaine knows British English since she was born there, in Manchester, and she has promised to teach me to be better at it. And check my novel for grammatical and other mistakes.

Today she test-read the beginning of my novel, a couple of pages, and then said she wanted to read more. Mailed her part one as PDF.

Now, in the evening, I have been thinking about a couple of things I’ll probably have to change in the novel. Elaine thought my character Jaycee was a young male, and at the beginning, I wasn’t certain myself. It could be either-or, but it glided more and more to being a female. But perhaps that was wrong?

If I change that, what else do I have to change as well? And will the story be better? Or worse?

I will be pondering on that! On what I have now.