Is this how it is?

After finishing CampWriMo I gave myself two days off from writing. That was a week ago. And yes! You understand me right! I haven’t even opened my manuscript yet! Hardly written anything else either.

I knew it was a bit too high pressure on me, the number of words I had chosen and that I HAD TO DO IT. But I managed! I wrote! I got scenes to the story. And won! Of course, I am proud I reached my goal and finished as a winner, but even more – I also learned about myself as a writer. My way of doing it and that is awesome!

To have a daily goal of 1000 words or more, made me realize it was not until that point it started to flow. When I had reached “the must”, I relaxed and then good parts came. The story. I don’t say everything I wrote in those 1000 words was lousy, but I guess a lot has to be deleted or changed. A bit of wasted time? Well, don’t know… After all, I continued the story.

I knew something was wrong when I started to prolong the sentences with extra, unnecessary words, and splitting words that are normally compounded and so on – just to reach a higher amount of words in total.

So I guess my brain now needed more than two days off. It was the very same after CampWriMo in April. But I came back then, started to write again, and so I will now.

So how will I do it?
First of all! Getting used to daily writing again, but without having any pressure of how much – the amount will come later – and not get panic if something happens one or two days so that I’ll become unable to write. Like if my daughter and the kiddo come visiting again for a couple of days. I did freak out recently when they were here from Friday to Sunday. From not writing for two days…

I will go along a bit more slowly = work more thoughtfully! I might write very fast, I often do that, but when finished the scene or the chapter I have written, and before the next writing session, read the text through, make those “have-to-edit”s there are, and then go on writing the new.

I always used to work that way earlier, and for one thing – the entire text became better, less editing afterwards, AND I remembered the characters, the plot and what I have been writing earlier way better.
When I recently read this on-going story, there were so many parts I had forgotten about and what happened there! That did not feel good!

Go back to my old routine way on how to do write.
Leave the pressure behind and go back to the joy!

And why not begin now? Not tomorrow! Not next weekend! Now! Today! There is a lot to edit! Presently circa 75 000 words…