What’s going on, WP?

Have you noticed, that those themes WordPress has given us lately are utterly boring, I would even say UGLY! But that’s just my opinion! We are different and we like different things, that’s good per se, so variety is good!

If it just stays as varieties!

The six newest – Brompton, Leven, Redhill and Varia, and now latest Stow and Hever – are deadly boring. And you can do NOTHING with them! Not even chose a header image, a background colour or a different font!

The eight before, including Twenty nineteen, looks almost the same! What differs is the background colour and where the header line is placed, centred or aligned left, and the size. But you, yourself, can not change any of that. The only thing you can change is the link-colour, and you can take away that hideous coloured filter WP has put on the featured images. Which, by the way, is the same colour. One click only does it! That’s all!
What you might think is a header image – isn’t.

What are you up to, WP? Do you have a goal to delete every theme there is, that gives the user a possibility to make the blog more personal?

WP has already started. If you get a WP-account now, there are fewer themes available than if you have had an account for a couple of years. My other account, where I have my Swedish blogs, I obtained early in 2011. (I had another account between 2009 – 2011, but deleted that one.)

At the most, WP had circa 500 themes altogether to offer us and at that time, 2011, only free ones. I am not quite sure, but I think it must have been around that time when WP began to delete themes, add premium themes, and make other changes. They also didn’t add the old themes they still kept, to new accounts. Maybe this was in 2012. As I said, I’m not sure about the exact date. And the big changes didn’t happen all at once.

A new editor was launched. I hated it, and still use the classic one. Even though I have to have it bookmarked for this blog. WP doesn’t show it willingly to later arriving customers. Oh my goodness! We might think ourselves!

And so came Gutenberg! And more themes were gone… and other came, more white, clean, boring…

That is okay! Making themes function well in other devices than computers. It’s just that they on the whole also becomes more and more look-a-likes, more and more dull ones, and have significantly less personality and fun flair.

And that would also have been okay, if not this had happened, which I discovered just a couple of days ago. Somehow – can’t explain why even to myself – I got the urge to create a new blog to my Swedish account. For food and health, something like “almost vegan” or “vegan with a twist”. (hehe)

So I clicked the button “create new blog” and a new view appeared. I who just wanted a free, ordinary wordpress.com blog. Comprende!!!

No such thing in sight. Instead, I saw this:

A shiny new wordpress.com sounded right, clicked the orange button – and this came


Hmmm… new look, didn’t get suspicious. Not yet. I wanted a blog (not now, though…)


For Blogging – still not suspicious.


That’s the new look? Okay! WP has always given us a theme to start with. Easy to change. (Still optimistic)


And the name – like Thêa by Me (but not Thêa by Me)


STYLE??? Okay! Shrugged my shoulders… chose calm that time… not now…



Of course the blog must have an address!


Here and now I added “examplesblog” to show you what I got on my Swedish account. .home.blog!?!?!?

and this is the only free alternative! Where is the .wordpress.com option???

For this purpose, I didn’t go further since I don’t want another blog. And most certainly never a blog with a name that ends with .home.blog !!!

Furthermore, when I took the next step (or if it was the next after) it appeared that I had gotten one of the new hideous business themes. AND landed on the front page! (hence ‘home’, I guess)

I didn’t want that – though the worst was the web-address.

Okay! I began by trying to get another theme. I don’t remember the details now, but I remember it was NOT as easy as it usually is. So I instead began looking for how to change to a wordpress.com-address. Actually, while searching and searching everywhere in the admin area, I suddenly stumbled upon a box where I could change to the ending I wanted. Under “Domains”!

It was NOT easy. It was like going around in a wheel you can’t jump off! Was directed to a page that directed me back to where I came from! Until I realized I had to change the name completely. (No clear information told me that). Then finally! And since the blog was new, it didn’t matter at all that the whole name was changed to a new one.

But it had this awkward habit of jumping back to the first address, and there telling me I wasn’t authorized. It wasn’t enough just to log out and then log in again. I had to log out from as well the account, as from Safari, and close down the MacBook and then restart the MacBook and then log in again. –
THEN it was functioning!

Not that I have done much with it so far. Just chosen a nicer theme, added some widgets and imported what little posts with food-connection I had on the other blog.


I have noticed that it’s impossible to visit some of my Swedish blog friends and like or comment! WP wants me to log in – though I already am logged in – still, I do log in, but doesn’t become logged in. (did you get that?)

And even if I somehow get logged in, I still can’t like or comment! To do that, I have to do it on the reader. Which is a WordPress page, not a person’s page. (Does that  show that someone has visited one’s blog? Or does wp get all the credit?)

At one of them, I saw her address ending with .home.blog!!! And she is unreachable!! F.ex. She wasn’t able to show that blog when she commented on a post of mine, another, an older blog of hers, was shown instead. THAT particular issue is probably due to the fact she might not have set her new blog as the main one. But I wouldn’t bet on that.

I can’t get logged in so I can like and comment there, and I don’t get her on my reader so I can like and comment on her posts there either!!

But the others? Those who have old blogs with wordpress.com addresses and been blogging for years – why are they kind of excluded from the in-logging of me? I mean – why do I when I AM logged in, have to log in to theirs – and still not be able to like or comment?

These blogs are a minor part of the blogs, when visiting everyone else’s, I keep being in-logged!


A thought that has lingered in me for a while – WP is taking over completely! They are separating us. And we older bloggers with older accounts will sooner or late be deleted as well. Particularly if we don’t pay for our blogs. When and if that day comes, I will certainly not have WordPress any more.

So! Let’s be aware before they take our minds as well. (giggle-attack)