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I do read, you know!

Rephrasing: I do listen to books, mostly. Have been listening quite a lot lately. One author I tried and failed to listen to though, was Terry Pratchett. (Sorry, Alex! I tried because I read those recent posts of yours …) Three times I tried to listen to “The colour of Magic” but couldn’t keep up the concentration. Got the hang of it in the beginning, but then…

Thought it might be due to the reader, some are awful to listen to. I tried both Nigel Planer and Tony Robinson, but neither of them could make me understand. It must be them, I thought. They read too fast and kind of making too much of a show of it.

So, last week I went to the library. Wanted one in English, the original. Of course! Not much to chose from there, and the books were really worn down. Doesn’t matter, I thought, I’ll test these two, and grabbed Wyrd Sisters and Small gods. Went home with them. Plus one Philip K. Dick, Time out of joint.

I started with Wyrd Sisters! It began really good, but it didn’t take long until those words were there. Those, to me, unfamiliar. Too many of those. A couple, one here and one there, wouldn’t have bothered me.

Yeah! Soon discovered, in Pratchett’s vocabulary, there are lots of words I don’t know. I hate to admit that, but… so it is. No wonder I didn’t understand what I was listening to in the first place! Quite discouraging, actually.

I can read Anne Rice, for example, without any problem at all. And I have satisfyingly listened to other English books as well. Like, I loved listening to Gail Honeyman’s “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine” brilliantly read by Cathleen McCarron. And all “Harry Potter” read by Stephen Fry, who is sooooo good. But having to check in a dictionary, like ten times per page – that’s not fun. That’s depressing. (I thought I had a better vocabulary…)

Now I’m listening to “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline. I got the tip earlier today from my 22-year-old grandson. I really like it! Been listening for a couple of hours already, understand it … ! And I know what an Avatar is, in the world of game-craft! (And in the movie)

It’s fun though! Often both of us like the same books and movies and TV-series, and do tip each other of something new. On Netflix, I presently am watching “Limitless”. (Not this very moment). Yes! He likes that too. Just one example of many…

By the way, I had difficulties reading Robin Hobb as well. Both the language and the style
I did like Pratchett’s style though – in the paragraphs and scenes, I did understand… that’s why I unbelievingly enough ponder to read some or another of his in Swedish translation.

Naaah… that would be… pitiful…