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How to do to prevent harvesting

Well, I don’t know  – but this women seems to.

How I stopped Tygpress stealing content.

What I shall do about it, I don’t know yet, have to ponder that. But export all content to the blog that started this one, and then set that one on private. Keeping it as a backup. That is probably a good thing to start with.

This one? Probably set all old ones as Private, or delete… delete all images? – OH gosh! I don’t know! Would be sad to only keep the most recent ones here visible! But a bit of cleaning up might be a good start. Could be needed anyway.

Setting posts to Private took them away from Tygpress, but came back when setting them back to Public again. Except for 22 ones I had had as Private for several weeks, don’t know how many. They, didn’t show up on Tygpress at all. The Bot’s path to those had obviously been cut off by then.

But we can’t do that! Then no one can see and read our posts! And that’s why we blog, isn’t it? To reach out!

I also that day deleted some photos – they were still visible at Tygpress.
I made two posts rerun, from January ’til just a couple of days ago, but they didn’t change their position at Tygpress.

How many harvesters can there be out there, and is it worth the time and energy to keep on bothering about it?

Of course – that can only each and every one of us decide for ourselves.

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Do we need another search-site?

And was that really the intention?
This tygpress-thing…

Okay! Apology excepted – or?

I mean, who creates a blog/homepage/site – and then not check to see whether it is functioning as intended or not. For more than a year? Not one who claims to be professional, that is for sure.

I am not quite sure they are telling the truth in the message below, that now can be seen at their site, but at least there seems to be no physical harm done to our blogs and posts.

But! They have violated our integrity. They have shown no respect whatsoever, as well as no knowledgeability when it comes to creating something for the Internet. Not even links back to us added?! Sloppy!