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I am working on my novel now. It took some days before I managed to begin, but now I have been sitting with it for the last five days.

It feels good! Though one get tired doing it. Word-tired! Have to do something totally different to relax. Like taking a walk, or a bike ride.

Can’t say cleaning and doing the dishes quite appeal to me… 😉

I will probably not be here quite as often for a while now, but I will pop in and see what you are doing. Would also love if Diana comes back with the Speculative fiction prompt next month.
After all – that was what started this adventure with my novel. Though I have lots of work to do on it before finishing. Haven’t even written all that is needed yet. Need an ending, and some more “highs” along the road. And deepen it. And it must be more exciting scenes. Scary and awful!

What I have now is a skeleton, only partially dressed.
But I have tremendous fun while dressing it.