Looking down at the uphill – not the worst part…

Yesterday I had in mind, that I today would clean the flat and then dedicate myself to some writing. Instead, after breakfast, I couldn’t resist my urge to take a bike-ride. I don’t know yet if that was stupid or wise.

Yesterday I biked downtown. First to the library to return a book. Then I walked the narrow streets to the optician, and after that further to the huge City Museum – didn’t felt like visiting though – so there I entered the bike and headed north.

After about 3 kilometres there is a quite steep up-hill, too steep for me to bike anyhow, so I walked. Then biking home through the wood. Later, in the afternoon, I walked to the grocery nearby, plus as an extension of that walk, around the block.

In all, I yesterday was on my way 18,2 kilometres and 4 of those I walked.

Today I woke up stiff as a board, particularly in my lower back and legs, and with aching feet. Still, I chose to ride the bike and walk some today as well. Not quite as long though. Circa 14 km, 2,2 of those I walked.

I went out to the mall, where I bought myself new shoes and a jeans-jacket. Both on sale. Afterwards, I had a couple of sausages at Ikea – and then I biked home. Against the wind, mostly, as it seemed! And felt…

Thank goodness I have a nice, comfortable sofa! The rest of the day I spent most of my time there. Slumbering for a while, listening to a book most of the time, and doing jigsaw puzzles on the iPad. Now, late in the evening, the worst parts of me are the feet, the calves and just above the knees on the back. I’m quite used to biking now, but walking is still a bit… well. Trying to increase the walking, so to speak…

Hopefully, I won’t regret this tomorrow. I still need to clean and get rid of all the clutter, and I most surely need to work on my story. But seen over time, I’ll benefit hugely from more and longer walks.

(It was a case of sciatica that bothered me for more than a year, and worn me down both in strength and ability. Afterwards, building up the biking muscles again took a long time, I’m quite good at that now and made 22,1 kilometres Friday a week ago – but the walking muscles take longer. It’s so much easier to bike… but I thought good shoes might help me increase the walking distance…

6 thoughts on “Lost intentions

    1. Is the sciatica completely gone now? I hope it is.

      Had it for a year every day, on both sides, then it slowly became better, now I only feel pain sometimes, and it doesn’t hinder me any longer. Can stand on both my legs.

      Bike riding is ok, walking still a bit tough on me. But it’s healing! Thank you, Judy!


    1. The “result” (pain in the… legs and feet) didn’t arrive until the next day, and the day after that. 😉
      I have to learn my body to go for walks again, haven’t I? 😀


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