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Some minor changes

I suddenly realized that the yearly cost for my premium plan and the domain was due to pay. Like .. now. Almost. Tomorrow, my tomorrow. Which is soon.

It’s just that… I’m a bit short of money… so many extra costs since midsummer. The car, the iPhone, the eye-emergency visit, and some other “happenings”. On top of that, I’m going to the dentist on Thursday.
And then came the blog…

But to make a long story short, I solved it! I keep the domain, just 1/5 of the total cost, and then I’ll only have free themes available. No premium themes to choose from, no extra customizing possibilities, no…

Well! The name and the web-address are the same, but you will see those adds again down below. Otherwise, I don’t think there will be any bigger differences for you. For me – besides the adds – less themes to choose from, can’t customize the theme I choose to any extent, less storage space. I can live with that. And there are those benefits connected to the Premium plan that I never use, hardly know what they are for. or how to use them. And! After all! I gave up searching for a theme where I could add a nice drop-caps…

I hope nothing will go wrong with this. I have had a mail-conversation with wp about it, and it seems everything is just as it should be.

I AM working on my fantasy novel! Not much today though, but that’s another story. A story that involves a flat tyre on my bike, a long walk to buy a new inner tube, and then fixing it – ALL BY MYSELF!!!

What a day!