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Error – but not horrific

Creating a blogpost in the app on the iPhone, though, can be a little bit horrific…

I was sitting on a sofa at that Museum, Dunkers, when a fling decided for me to post something about the exhibition in this blog. Of course, I neglected what I always think when I do that stupid thing. Never, ever again!!!!

The first sentences placed themselves where I wanted them, and so did the picture. I had just taken that from where I sat, the photos hang on the wall just in front of me.

The sentences just placed themselves, I wrote. Yes, they did. But that was the only thing they did accurately. The spelling thing had gone totally bonkers. The suggestions had no likeness at all, actually, it wasn’t even a suggestion, the word in question just got changed, and more than once to the same odd choice. Which wasn’t mine.

I couldn’t even click it away! The word “wipe” for example, was changed to “EU-parliament”. (WHAT???) All the time it did things like that. Finally I noticed the word that was about to be changed, had been highlighted. Who could guess that would happen, just because a word gets highlighted!

When I was about to add the link, the whole app started to jump up and down. Add another sentence – it jumped up and down. I couldn’t see what I was writing. And when I tried to add a second image – it was impossible!!!  I was obviously not allowed to make a blogpost longer than just a couple of sentences!

Guess who got severely irritated and said: NEVER AGAIN I’ll make a blogpost in the app on the iPhone. Nor on the iPad.

The only thing that is better on the iPad – in this WP-case – is that the screen is bigger.
And I have never earlier experienced that the spelling-thing has behaved like that. It must be a WP error. Thank goodness I usually work on the MacBook.