It seems to work – in the cloud

Some of the scenes in my manuscript had to shift location. Trading places with other scenes. Mostly among those I wrote during April. In a movie one can jump between scenes quite frequently, if one wants and needs. Thanks to the fact it’s all visual. No doubt where the watcher have come and what character/s will be there.

When writing one has to be a bit more cautious. It can be vary confusing to the reader if there are too many jumps and too short texts each time. It’s not forbidden! But as anything else when writing, you have to have a purpose for what you do, you must know what you are doing, and you must do it well. Stephen King does it. And does it well.

So therefore I had to make some changes to the whereabouts of some of the scenes. Put some together to a unit, and others to another unit. Further on in the story, I need do makes some “jumps”, but at that time the reader should know the characters and as such, there are less risk for confusions.

The next I did, was to copy the entire text to a Pages file. Why, since I work with Scrivener? Because with Pages I can work on any of my units. I can sit at the balcony with the iPad, work on the manuscript, and later on continue indoors on the MacBook. Yes! I can write on the Mac at the balcony as well! I have done that a lot. It’s just that the screen gets darker outside, and it mirrors everything. I see mostly myself and/or a sun-lit wall behind me.

Then I do this and I do that, and in the end I copy the ready-edited text back into its place in Scrivener – and have a back-up already made in Pages.

So the week that now have past, I’ve been doing this, and it feels good! I work until I feel empty or begin to be tired of words, dressing the novel-skeleton with “flesh”: images, fragrances, colours, life – I would say. Particularly the very first scene, the one that started this adventure, is now a place not merely an empty stage. That was okay, but now there are life and meaning to it.

Oh yes! I so much want a 27 inch iMac again!

6 thoughts on “It seems to work – in the cloud

  1. I feel so happy every time I read about your writing, Thea, and how this project has bloomed. I’m reading a book now that is so loaded with short scenes that I’m getting dizzy. Ha ha. Wise advice about crafting a book and needing to pay attention to all those pieces of information and how they fit together. I’m looking forward to the final product. 😀

    By the way, Carol Forester has taken over the monthly speculative fiction prompt. I’ll post about it shortly, but if you want to check out her September prompt, here’s the link: Happy Writing!


    1. Thank you Diana! You’re always so encouraging! I was actually thinking about you earlier this evening, wondering what would happen.
      About my story – I hope there will be a final product some day! 😀 😀 😀 It won’t be done in a jiffy though. But I have fun writing it!
      About the prompt. To me, it’s not only the prompt. It’s you. I see you as a mentor of a kind, inspiring me.

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      1. Thanks for the sweet comment, Thea. I loved doing the prompt and perhaps I’ll try something similar again in the future. In the meantime, I’m so honored that you felt supported and inspired. You made my day. ❤


      2. I did, do, and I’m glad you’re happy about it. I hope you’ll come back with the prompt, but I’ll click the link and see what will happen on that other site.

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  2. I’m really interested seeing how you work with Scrivener. I’m sure it’s much more efficient than my use of a spreadsheet and a cut and paste here and there!


    1. I don’t know everything about it, and how to do things. Not that experienced, at least not yet.

      One good thing is that it is easy to split the text into scenes, or put together to one.
      Easy to move scenes to other places if they fit better there.
      Easy to add notes to the scenes.
      One can label them in many ways with colours or icons.
      Easy to switch between seeing the entire manuscript, to see one scene or a chapter or many scenes put together. Therefore you can for example see all scenes with a particular character – if you have named or labelled them properly, and thus see that this persons timeline is correct.

      There are many more options, but I don’t know very well about those yet.
      A bit hard to explain, and I don’t think I as it is now, would be able to act as some kind of tutor in this.

      I like working with
      Scrivener though.

      Using spreadsheet and copy/paste seems to be a bit time consuming though. And a risk to loose pieces of the text perhaps.

      I don’t like Word, but a long time ago when one could save texts in versions, it was quite efficient.

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