Sometimes it just happens

A week ago, Friday, Sept 6th, a TIA happened to me. For those who don’t know, it’s a mini-stroke soon leaving the brain again. But of course, I ended up at the hospital for a couple of days. Came back home Tuesday after lunch.

The whole thing was due to high blood pressure, and the day I left the hospital they also told me I have high blood sugar. I had absolutely no idea about this, but I knew I was rather stressed. Both from residues of old things, and present issues.

How on earth can you suspect you have high blood pressure? It’s easy to say afterwards that one should go to the doctor regularly, but if most of your physical problems are muscle pain and stiffness! Well, at least I didn’t suspect anything. Is being tired a sign of high blood pressure?

Anyhow! Home now. Have got “loads” of medicines, including statins despite the fact the cholesterol showed nothing wrong; and the sugar was just at the margin. Sometimes doctors seem to interpret things more dangerously then actually is needed – as a safety issue? – but the pressure was high. No doubt about that! During the days at the hospital it, of course, lowered but must keep on getting even lower.

What is so typical for common doctors – specialists or not – is that they don’t even think one thought of what might have caused the issue in question. Why is the blood pressure too high! Why is the blood sugar level too high? What’s the cause of it all? They only focus on adding medicines.

And of course! For the time being, it would be stupid of me to refuse to take those medicines. And I at least hope I can drop the statins after this first month. It is certainly not healthy having a low level of cholesterol.

Now so soon after, I’m rather tired. I seem to have lost most of my fitness and my physical strength. But as my friend Maria reminded me of, for a short while I was paralyzed in my right body-half.

Well! This will pass! Meantime I’m focusing on what to eat, and try to relax as much as possible. Luckily I have no less than three big stores with food and other stuff nearby. I even walked to the library this Wednesday (1,3 km) and biked to meet my friends Thursday afternoon (2,8 + 3,4 km). (Biking was easier than walking.)

Been shopping a couple of times, the pharmacy, for some food, and yesterday a kitchen scale. All that went well. Though… I admit… it was rather hard to walk, especially that first day, to and fro the library. My legs ached, especially around the hips and down the thighs. And after yesterdays short walk, I got really tired.

What’s really important now, is to lose weight and get fit again. The food choices first of all, since I realize I can’t force the physical issues too much. What I dislike about the food, is that I have to ALMOST eat a bit similar to LCHF – Low Carb, at least. No fruits… 😦

I normally eat well. Nutritious, lots of veggies, no white sugar, no wheat. I prefer whole grain food, legumes and such. As soon as I see positive results, I’ll lower the amount of chicken (mostly) and eggs (a bit), and go back to a more wholegrain food style, with beans and lentils. I miss “the real food” more than I miss the bananas and apples. And there are berries…

But I guess the biggest problem with this, is that I’m not used to thinking in this way. (Aren’t we all like that…?) And I don’t feel well eating a lot of chicken and other kinds of meat. I never have!
And the app FatSecret stresses me a bit.

But of course – the most important – to get used to eat less! I realize very well I have consumed too many calories for a very long tine! So! Fewer calories, and making sure all the calories count. Are good ones!

But a pleasant start: I’ve already lost 3 kilograms – about 6 pounds – since Friday, a week ago, and 2 centimetres around the waist. I set a goal to lose an additional 11 kg – 22 lb – and 10 cm around the waist. After that – preferably – a little bit more…

But that depends on how fit I’ve managed to become ’til then. More muscles – higher weight…

When dreams have come through

11 thoughts on “Sometimes it just happens

  1. I wondered why you’d gone quiet. Hopefully that was just a little warning. Look after yourself and take it easy. My latest pronouncement after my annual health check was unsurprising: lose weight, exercise more! I’ll try.
    Good luck with your goals 🙂


    1. I was lucky after all! A minor one and nothing bad was showing afterwards. Neurological test fine all the time. Now, I seem to have lost the “go” of walking and biking. A bit off. But I’ll be all right. For me as for you. Lose weight and exercise more. The eating and weight loss seems fine so far, but have to – almost – start over again with the physical stuff. But since I would hate to stay home alone all the time, I keep on as good as is possible. Little by little.
      Thank you Cris! ❤


    1. Thank you, River! ❤
      I have no choice. My mother had diabetes already at a younger age than I am now, got both a couple of strokes and minor heart attacks. Died in one of the latter at 72.

      I certainly don't want to die at 72, it's not that far away, after all. I want to live, and live well and active and reach a high age. My mother in law died at 101 – that's more like it. 😀
      I have a writing career ahead of me. Haven't I? 😀 😀 😀

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  2. I think exercise becomes a necessity not luxury as we age, but I’m a couch potato! I have to start exercising. I avoid doctors/western medicine because I agree with you, it focuses on pharmaceuticals to band-aid the problem, but doesn’t look at the root causes. Stress combined with diet seem to be the toxic culprits. It’s great that you’re taking care of yourself, which is not easy to do in our unhealthy environment.


    1. I have avoided doctors maybe too much. 😀
      I too, am a couch potato, but I also love go biking or walking. Particularly in the woods.
      I was on my way, when this happened. Had lost some weight, was way stronger, better fitness… Physically speaking, it had began to look so good!
      But then there was the stress. I knew that. But have realized now that the stress was way more severe than I thought. And that is what I really have to deal with.


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