I was just sitting here, after breakfast with my now cold coffee, when I threw a glance on this blog. Quite a boring sight. Not the theme per see! But all the white!!!!

Often I see blogs that are white, almost all white, and with astounding contents. They are so beautiful. Maybe with a personally created header text. Photos. Or an appealing layout.

I get a bit envious and want my blog to be equally beautiful. But every time I try to create a white blog, I soon get bored with it.

I guess I’m not a white person. On the other hand, not a black person either. And I don’t mean the colour of my skin. I guess I’m more like a soap bubble, reflecting the rainbow.

Since I like the theme itself, I thought I would just change the background colour. Pondered some soft yellow-ish, orange-ish…tested a few… then randomly picked one of the suggestions from WP.

And there it was!!! A bit different depending on the screen. On my MacBook, it’s quite bright. More of a red tone. On the external screen, dimmer, more to the orange. It’s hot pepper. Red brick. Dark yellow-red-ish mandarines.

I like it!