Time flies when you’re happy!

Goodness, gracious! I haven’t been writing anything for like four weeks or so. Except for a couple of posts to my Swedish blog. A bit easier, and I take it quite casually.
Even though it may seem to be a bit of a blockage in me since the mini-stroke, that isn’t the case, and I don’t take it particularly serious. I’ll come back to writing soon enough.

It’s not that I’m feeling sick in any way, other than it took my physical strength and fitness away in a way that puzzles me, and even more, annoys me. But, I guess the TIA was a “punch” to my entire body and drained me of good condition and strength, even the half that wasn’t affected directly. But I’m sad, I can not yet walk or bike as far as I could before the incident, but that too will come back. Just have to give it some time.

Despite that, I’m good. Reposing, relaxing, going to gatherings, meeting friends. Old ones and new. Not every day though. But enough to be necessarily social and to enjoy myself.
Other days I do whatever I like. I’m reading, watching Netflix, knitting, doing jigsaw puzzles or playing solitaire on the iPad. Or something else. Including taking a nap now and then.

Have lost some weight. Almost 5 kilograms so far (10 lb), in 3,5 weeks, and more will drop. It’s wonderful to be able to wear some of the clothes that have been too tight for a long time, and my almost new jeans are getting a bit loose. Especially around the waist. Seven centimetres there are gone, (almost 3 inches), and my iPhone6 now fits in my left front pocket without any trouble at all, and the belt speaks the truth…

Free as Livingstone Seagull…