Time to get serious

Now it is Thursday, September 31 2019. It's still morning, I have had breakfast and am now sitting on the sofa with the laptop on my knees and a cup of coffee on the side. It's calm here, quiet, peaceful, and I intend to write something! But what? Tomorrow, the NaNoWriMo quest begins. Am I … Continue reading Time to get serious

Stage fright

When watching all those movies and TV-series, when reading all those books, when pondering all that I have written so far - is it beyond my reach, to write a whole novel? Maybe I'm a bit morbid or something right now, for some reason, but there are all those thoughts rambling around in my head. … Continue reading Stage fright

Just a little deep down self talk

I must say! I do look forward to NaNoWriMo. Which might be a really odd remark, since I still haven't written anything since the end of August or early September, thereabout. I have actually forgotten when... the last session... But I DO look forward to it! I need that little pressure, I gather, to start … Continue reading Just a little deep down self talk

I did it, after all

Decided to participate in NaNoWriMo. I blame Diana... NO, that sounds awful. I am grateful to Diana, who kindly asked me if I should join, and if so offered me to be her buddy. If anyone else of you who reads this is joining NaNo this November, I would be happy to be your buddy … Continue reading I did it, after all