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Odd days

Or at least one odd day. Weather-y speaking.

The wind wasn’t chasing me much before noon when I yesterday went shopping for fruit and vegetables. We are used to windy days in this city, so the current tree-dancing and leaf-boogie-woogie was nothing to bother about. I got safely back home with my apples and kale and the other stuff.

But later on, I noticed the wind had increased. A storm? I have no numbers to relate to, but it sure did look like storm-gusts out there. Suddenly, that was in the afternoon, I heard a weird bump and rattle. I looked out and found that my flowerpot had fallen over and the plastic pot had blown down on to the concrete floor and lay there mingling with the parasol foot. Which also is made of concrete, and as such really, really heavy.

The flower is actually three rather big geraniums, the kind that can be rather wide and hangs down. So even when not watered properly, the pot is quite heavy. Still, the wind managed to turn it over and rip the pot off. I saved the plant and sat it down on the floor in the leeward corner. Even put one of the chairs over it for extra protection.

One hour or two later, there was some kind of movement outside. I look up from the book, and see how across the balcony, the sun-chair is majestically gliding along. What a sight for sore eyes! Well, also that one and the table I pushed as close to to the leeward side as was possible.

And then there was just the howling wind, and today there isn’t.