Scary expectations

After I had published the last blog post here about NaNoWriMo, I opened the site and logged in. Oh my goodness! It doesn’t look anything at all like the CampWriMo´s. I could neither make head nor tails out of it, and it rather scared me than pepped me to write.

… and this was just the beginning…

If I can’t even figure out how the site works, why should I bother to sign up? If something makes me unsure, how could that then be supportive? I guess I’ve better have my own NaNo-variety. Just write!

And as a matter of fact, if I can’t write without having a metaphorical crutch or two under my armpits, then what? I must anyhow sooner or later be self-dependent on my ability to keep on doing what I really want to do. Preferably sooner. And yes! I talk about writing.

It’s kind of like any medicament. You may have to rely on it for a while, to get you over the worst part of whatever it is. But then you have to take the responsibility yourself, for your own body and its health. Especially when you get nasty side effects. That tells you that your body doesn’t agree with those chemicals. Might have done so, at the beginning you even needed it! But not any longer! There are way better health-roads to travel.

You can walk the dog, you know. Even if you don’t have a dog…

5 thoughts on “Scary expectations

  1. Hah…same feelings. I was hoping to blast out 50k words in November. I’m hoping it all comes clear by 11/1…if not, I’ll be on that same road with you…


  2. In years past, I’ve found the Nano site confusing and hard to navigate, Thea. And I heard that they changed it, so I’ll have to learn it all over again. Sigh. I’m going to try sign up next week, but I’m only giving myself a 30K goal. That means I won’t win the challenge, but it speaks to your point that writing is our choice and follow-through is our responsibility. Write, be happy with your efforts, Nano or not. Every word is a win. 🙂


    1. Confusing, is to say the least. And I’m still pondering whether to sign up or not. My mind keeps on pacing, back and forth, back and forth. 😮

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