Letting go

For a couple of days now, I’ve been occupying myself by cleaning the Mac. Inside, that is, not the outside. That wouldn’t take several days. No! I’ve been going through files and folders.

Actually, I was starting with my writing folders. Found a lot of garbage and even huge amounts of duplicates. Still, haven’t gone through all of it, but at least now I have all that I have in one place. Except for the ones I have in Scrivener. I don’t have to have all those projects in there! Not until I actually start working on them, anyway. (That was a LOT of ‘have’s…)

Then I searched the Hard drive. Tried one search word after the other, trying to find stuff from my past and I found amazingly many. I don’t mean stuff that, so to speak, “belongs” to the hard drive. I mean old stuff that I’ve put there one time or another, and then had become archived for some reason. Among mail, messages, chats, attachments, images… many of which I thought I had deleted a long time ago.

Like mail from the time I was unemployed, which ended for soon four years ago. I thought I had deleted all that stuff long before these last days.
And! Mails from a person at, excel documents, folders and pamphlets, from my last “work-place”. And so on. How on earth can those items have landed in an archive on the drive, when others haven’t? Okay! Attachments are one thing, but mails?

Now, I think and hope, all such stuff is completely gone and never will show up again. And it feels really good to get rid of things from the past. Especially those which are connected to negative periods that I never will face again.

Letting go of the old, opening up to the new!

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