Just the other evening I had some kind of Netflix marathon. I watched the last three episodes of “Salvation” and there was no season three to watch! I googled and found out there wasn’t gonna be any season three either.

Thrillers are not usually my first preference when it comes to series or movies, but if there is something more in the story than just killing and other horrible action scenes, I might get caught. And “Salvation” has. Or had…

There were still questions in the plot that were unanswered, and an even bigger question arouse in the very last scene. The asteroid had not hit the earth, but instead, it stopped behind the moon, like pretending to have created some kind of lunar eclipse. Beams of bright light were emanating from behind the moon.

I wanted to know what would happen next! What was that asteroid really? Was it an asteroid at all? But, we will never know, will we?

It also made me think of my own fantasy story, where a huge spaceship has parked in front of one of the suns, pretending to act as a solar eclipse, darkening the city. What is that all about? 😉

About “Salvation” on Wikipedia

“The show centers on the discovery of an asteroid that will impact the Earth in just six months, highlighting the attempts to prevent it and its worldwide ramifications. The show looks at how different individuals and groups of people react to the impending doom.[1]”

And then CBS cancelled the series after two seasons. 😦

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