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I did it, after all

Decided to participate in NaNoWriMo. I blame Diana… NO, that sounds awful. I am grateful to Diana, who kindly asked me if I should join, and if so offered me to be her buddy. If anyone else of you who reads this is joining NaNo this November, I would be happy to be your buddy as well. Just search for Thea by Me! 😀

I haven’t the slightest clue yet what to write. I got a name for it in my head, and it will be some kind of fantasy/comic/satire thing with a little bit of romance added. I think. Or it will be something else.

The name? “The lives and whereabouts of Mz Eliza Elderberry”.
The hardest was to get her name. Then it placed itself in my head and after a while, I couldn’t help smiling over it. You will probably not see it, but to me, the name has a multifaceted meaning.

And actually – now I’m looking forward to this! There is just one more question I have to answer before November begins – will I write in Swedish or in English?

Writing in Swedish would, of course, be easier and faster writing, but in English… funnier? freer? More global, naturally, and if I want, I could post snippets of it on the blog once in a while, but…

Well! I have to sleep on that one for a while longer.

One thousand six hundred and sixty seven words per day in average…

It can be done! 😉

15 thoughts on “I did it, after all

  1. I’m attempting NaNoWriMo this year too, I have no clue how to navigate it but I will look for you. My username is judykim. I don’t usually write fiction, but I’m going to try, don’t know what I’m doing but it’ll be an experiment.

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    1. Oh, how nice! 😀
      The first time I saw that site, I thought it was absolutely impossible. Looks nothing like the CampWriMo-layout this summer. But I think we’ll figure it out as we go.
      I don’t know what to write either. So I’ll wing it! Let my inner self take command and push the inspiration forward. I often do that in the beginning of something, later it will show if some story will develope.

      Otherwise, I’ll just write for the sake of writing. Putting words together and out through the fingers.
      I need that now. Haven’t been writing any fiction at all for like six – seven weeks.

      I’ll seek you out, and add you! Then you’ll just have to acknowledge. ❤

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      1. I was curious to try NaNoWriMo in 2016 but I felt overwhelmed by it so I didn’t attempt it. I’m going to try the pre-exercises on the site since I feel so clueless. I keep thinking of plots and then forgetting them! Many ideas, maybe I’ll try writing several short stories. Winging it is a good method 😊, I’m glad to have at least one friend on the site, thanks Thea!


      2. I have never had the guts to try before. But after starting this blog, meeting lots of lovely people through it, then the both CampWriMo earlier this year – well! I figured I just had to let go! At least give it a try!
        Really glad you’ll be my friend there!


  2. I’m planning on an ‘informal’ NaNoWriMo myself. Not signing up as I know I wouldn’t make it, and that would depress me. But dedicating the month of November to getting a good start on a book is possible. It worked last year and the resulting book’s now out.
    Good luck with it Thea!


    1. Thank you Chris! I was pondering earlier, to do this your way, but since I haven’t written even one word of fantasy since the beginning of September, I felt I need a bit of “must do”. By that I mean: writing every day, or at least most days. Writing what ever comes to my mind. It doesn’t have to become something. And I’ll try not to bother about reaching 50 000 words. If I do, it’s really good, but getting into the habit again is more important. I’m such a lazy-butt at present.


    1. Thanks, Jacqui! I’ll try not to bother whether I’ll follow through or not. The most important now, is to begin writing regularly again. So I hope the “must write everyday” will help me to accomplish that.


  3. Ha! You can blame me. I’m happy to take responsibility. I love the name of your project. It’s awesome. I’m going to head over to Nano and buddy up. 🙂
    This is going to be fun, Thea, 50K words or not. All that matters is making the time to write and enjoying ourselves. See you there!


    1. You said it well, Diana! Make time to write and enjoy!
      It’s quite fun, not having a clue what will come out of it. I’ll wing it as usual! 😀

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