Just a little deep down self talk

I must say! I do look forward to NaNoWriMo.
Which might be a really odd remark, since I still haven’t written anything since the end of August or early September, thereabout. I have actually forgotten when… the last session…

But I DO look forward to it! I need that little pressure, I gather, to start writing daily again.

Where did my writing-self go? And why has she been gone so long? It’s like it’s harder to restart, the more days and weeks that have passed along without.

Now, now! Don’t be pessimistic, Thêa! It will be alright! Whether you realize it now, or not, you are mentally preparing yourself for November 1st and the whole NaNo-thing.

Everything will be just fine! All that shit is behind you! You are just fine as well! You’re not only walking and biking again! You are seeing friends and – yeah – you hoovered your flat today AND INDEED, even mopped the floors. If that isn’t a good sign – then, what is?

And furthermore, my dear Thêa. You have been THINKING about your fantasy novel!!! Not that you are going to continue writing on that one during November….



Nahhhh…. I didn’t think so, either. You have other stuff to write about.

5 thoughts on “Just a little deep down self talk

  1. cagedunn says:

    One of the good things about NaNo is that you don’t have time to think too much on any one thing – and the blocks haven’t got a barrier to use against that!
    Luck and long-wordedness for November.


    • Thêa says:

      That is a good thing! I need to practice more writing without thinking too much, don’t correct while writing, don’t search for words, like synonyms or the right spelling – and to write daily.
      It went fairly well at both those campwrimos earlier this year, so I might have a good chance too succeed. But I think I’ve better write in my own language this time, Swedish. Must faster, much easier.

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