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Good old times

Good old body in good old jeans. Real jeans, made of robust denim – at least I think they are.

They have been hanging for a long time in the wardrobe, waiting for me to be slim enough to wear them again. Oh! There’s nothing wrong with all these stretchy, thin cotton trousers that look like jeans, but the real ones? There is without a doubt something special about them.

And they have been waiting for me. Waiting, And waiting…

“Ah”, I thought this morning. “what about those jeans? They must fit me now.”
I’ve lost 6,5 kilograms so far, approx 14,3 pounds, and I wasn’t obese before. Just overweight. So it shows. And feels. And my friend Marianne commented. “That’s a lot! You aren’t tall.”

“A lot?” I said, though didn’t agree. Not quite. But felt very pleased she said so. I wanted to lose ca 10 – 15 kilograms, circa 22-33 pounds, altogether. Depending on how much training, biking and walking would add muscles and burn fat on my body.

Marianne just threw a half-smiling glance at me. Said nothing.

And then there were the jeans. That I haven’t been able to wear for quite many years now. Though for some odd reason kept on storing in the wardrobe. And today – they sat kind of lose upon my hips. Had no trouble with the zipper, to get it up. Had no trouble with the waistline. No trouble with the button. None at all. My legs almost got lost in them.

I loved it!

Love it!

But still have no objections to my stretchy ones. They are a woman’s best friends.

7 thoughts on “Good old times

  1. That’s impressive Thea, I think it’s difficult to lose weight. I have cute jeans that I keep saving, hoping I can wear them again and I avoid buying new bigger clothes.


    1. Thank you, Judy! ❤️
      I have also a blouse I’ve waited for. A quite special one. I can wear it now, but it is still a bit too tight. Nevertheless! It feels really nice! 👍
      So far the weight loss hasn’t been too difficult. I got a good start due to the days at the hospital. 2,3 kg. But I’ve noticed the loss has slowed down during the last 10 days or so. But I also feel much better now, bike and walk more and therefore I am also more hungry. Have to be more careful with the serving sizes from now on. Not too much nuts. 😉🥴


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