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Again I caught myself stuck with a TV-series. Not on Netflix this time, though I after “Salvation” watched the entire two seasons of “The Good Place”. Not that that one was a hit, but I didn’t know what else to watch next.

Then I remembered a British Series I once watched, on ordinary TV I think. It was a really good one, and might I already own it, or if not, could I get it?

I found it! On my own 3Tb external hard drive actually, and both seasons. When did I get it, and why had I forgotten about it? Don’t know. Don’t remember.

What I’m talking about here is “Indian summers” from 2015-2016.

Many good actors, including one of my favourite female British actresses – Julie Walters. Have loved her ever since I enjoyed “Educating Rita” a long time ago.

The story takes place in Simla, in the foothills of Himalayas, in the 1930s. India is occupied (think that’s the most proper word for it) by the British Empire, but there are lots of “trouble” occurring between the British and the Indian population. There is everything in here, from love to mere violence. The characters are very true-worthy, and the whole story is so catching! Can’t stop me from starting the next episode when finished the one before.

It also revealed that I never saw season two back then, so I’m really enjoying myself now. Though I actually should have been doing other things. Like writing, for example. NaNoWriMo is approaching. On Friday we have November 1st.

Also pondering to quit Netflix. At least for the time being. At least for November. Am watching way too many movies and TV-series… bu who cares. I can do what ever I want.

From Wikipedia:

Indian Summers is a British/American drama series that began airing on Channel 4 on 15 February 2015. The show details the events of summers spent at Simla, in the foothills of the Himalayas, by a group of the British governing and trading community at the time of the British Raj. The first series is set in 1932. It was broadcast in several countries subsequently.

The show was renewed for a second and final series on 1 March 2015. The second and final series is set in 1935 and began airing on 13 March 2016. Although initially planned by producers for five series, on 25 April 2016 it was announced that the show would not be renewed for a third series due to poor ratings and strong competition in its timeslot.

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