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It’s quite okay!

Got another badge today at NaNoWriMo. Came home late, and after something to eat, it was about 8.15 PM before I could start writing.

But after circa 2,5 hours, I had managed to write 2198 words – all tagged to Mz Eliza Elderberry. As such, I reached the number of 10.057 words in total. I know there are those who can write much more in a day, but for me, at this time in my life, I’m pleased. Very pleased!

Tomorrow I also have some things to do, places to be. The grocery in the morning to buy fruit and veggies. Having lunch with friends at noon, and in the evening – at 6 PM already – I have a “lecture” to attend to.

Well, it’s not literally a “lecture”. It’s a gathering where we inhabitants in this neighborhood and visitors, will get information about the renovating progress here. The city, and the biggest housing company that owns many houses with apartments here, are modernizing  this area, with new buildings both for living and business, and a lot of the older ones are already massively renovated or are about to be.

There will be questions about the center, the whereabouts of the library (not the least), and what new stores and businesses that might establish. Already quite high buildings have been or are shooting up to the heavens, with 12-14 stories each, or more – most of the old ones are only three stories high.

I live in one of the newly built ones. It will be a year now in December since I moved in here. It’s quite awesome to move into something all new. All clean, clear and no scratches. 😀

So I tell myself already – happy writing tomorrow!

I think I’ll add this post to tomorrow’s count. It’s almost tomorrow anyway.