I must say!

I really love my life now. All that I wanted and longed for when I moved back to my hometown, seems to fold itself out now, little by little. I actually have the TIA, the mini-stroke, to thank for that.
Now I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want it, no matter whether it’s about meeting people or sitting home alone watching movies, reading or writing. Or, for that matter, taking a nap after lunch.

I participate in many of the library’s activities, and some of the church’s. I have reconnected to old friends, and have gained many new ones. Many of them are living in this neighborhood. Which is a very good neighborhood. And by that I don’t mean particularly posh, snobbish et cetera, I mean there lives a lot of lovely, kind, and friendly people here. It’s easy to blend in, easy to talk to people, everyone says or at least nods a ”Hello!”, and not only the ones living in the same building as I do.
So I feel very comfortable here. There are places to go to, things to do, and there is also the privacy of my own home. Which I feel very comfortable living in.

If, and when I want, I can easily bike downtown, to the beach in the summer, to one of the many parks I can chose between, or to the huge shopping mall and Ikea east of the city, only 5 kilometers from where I live. All around the city, there are many possibilities to take bike-rides. Along the almost never-ending seashore perhaps, or north- or eastwards through woods and fields. There are ”tourist-traps”, castles and such, but also plain, wonderful nature. Some areas quite deserted.

Okay! I am still a bit anxious and worrisome after the TIA, don’t want it to happen again. But it’s natural after such circumstances, and it will pass. I have also still quite stiff muscles, probably very much due to the worries, but that will also pass and soon I’ll only have a faint memory of what has been.

So I enjoy myself, I meet people, and I laugh a lot. And then there is the awesome part when I am home alone, reading, writing, watching some movie – and so on. I’m happy and content!

I wouldn’t mind someone special in my life, though, but I don’t need anyone to make me happy or make my life worthwhile. More like having an extra cherry on the cake! For sharing, laughing, hugging… for love!

But as I said, it has to be someone really special. To me special! Someone that suits me, and I him. For mutual benefits. Not anyone just for the sake of not being alone. I am much rather alone with myself, then being alone in a twosome.

14 thoughts on “I must say!

  1. Judy Kim says:

    That’s a good description of a healthy relationship that’s not based on need, but mutual companionship. I like having my independence too.


  2. D. Wallace Peach says:

    Sometimes things that are frightening and horrible can lead to changes that are indeed wonderful. Keep loving life and shining your special light, and more good things will find you, Thea. Hugs!


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