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Japan on Netflix

It doesn’t matter if it’s November and NaNoWriMo, I want to watch movies and TV-series once in a while anyway. I don’t say or mean I’m addicted to it, but I like it. Very much! It’s relaxing, it’s fun, sometimes thrilling and sometimes just cozy.

Lately, I have been watching a Japanese two-season series on Netflix called ”Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories”. A night-opened small restaurant, the owner cooks what the guests want if he has the ingredients available. That’s one part that’s appealing to me. The food. Not everything he cooks looks delicious, but it’s still interesting to see. And hear. And learn!

The costumers gorge themselves with food, and they slurp when eating. Especially when they eat ramen. I don’t say this is odd or icky or anything, it’s just different! I get it! It’s kind of fun at the same time, and one can clearly see how they enjoy the food. It’s exquisite!
I like it!

Then there is also a story in each episode. Something happens to a person, trouble or joy or anything else. The regulars sit there talking, caring, enjoying the food, and the owner is so nice, wise and quite handsome.
It’s a pity there are only two seasons. I want more.

There was another series on Netflix from Japan which I wanted to watch. But now I can’t find it. I’m sure I added it to my list, so I guess Netflix must have deleted it recently. Such a pity! But when I then searched for ”Japan”, other options arrived and a couple of them I added to my list. All about food. Like ”Streetfood”, ”Kantaro”, and ”Flavorful Origins” which is about Chinas culinary traditions. That will be very interesting!

So it will be hard to choose which of these I will start with to watch. But I have better write something more on my story to NaNoWriMo first. Luckily, despite the fact it’s already dark outside, it’s still only in the afternoon. It’s just 5 PM

*The featured image is from Pixabay