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The update

Haven’t had time for anything today. Sounds good? HA! I’m lying of course.

I have met my friends and been writing on my story for NaNo, and done some other stuff as well. But I didn’t take a nap after lunch.

When I got short of words in English – I continued to write in Swedish.
NOW! That went speedy!

Not Gonzales…

Have been writing 14 days in a row…

Exceeded 30.000 words

Looking good! 😀 There is a chance now, if I can keep up the pace I have had for the last 6 days, or more, that I’ll finish this task before I travel to my youngest daughter on the 22nd… HA!!!!!
(Just checked! I have to increase it to an average of 2.786 words per day… that’s the challange)

BUT! That, would be something to show her!
(Mustn’t forget to buy that present for her soon-to-be six-year old son.)

Oh, sweet sixties…