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A new beginning

Since I finished NaNoWriMo, I’ve been a wretched lazy-butt. When it comes to writing. Obviously, I should never participate in such matters, even though it gave me some good as well.

Nevertheless, now I’m on it again. Working on my story about Mz Eliza Elderberry. Went to the library yesterday, sat down, opened my iPad and began. I had copied the entire story from Scrivener to Pages, and therefore it’s easy to keep on working.

I know it’s possible to have Scrivener both on the Mac and the iPad, but I don’t know whether it would cost me extra or not. Maybe I should address L&L and ask. It would be quite stupid to buy the same program twice, I think. Just to be able to switch between devices. I got the expression I would have to do that, but I didn’t go further at that time, to actually ask about it.

Anyhow! Pages works, and now I’m sitting here writing a blog post about writing, instead of actually doing it. And, yes! Right now I am at the library.

About the manuscript, I’ve begun translating it into Swedish and simultaneously I’m doing some editing. The translation work in itself isn’t difficult. But some things aren’t particularly easy to change. For example, Eliza’s name. Mz Eliza Elderberry. That doesn’t function well in Swedish.

Eliza, is okay even though the spelling is – normally – wrong. The most common spelling is Elisa. But it can be done with a z. If I want to keep that. Mz, is totally out of the question. The Swedish version of it doesn’t ring the same bell at all. And Elderberry? Would it be possible for me to give her a family history that would explain that name? Because it’s certainly not a Swedish name.

It is a bit troublesome how I shall solve this. I like the full name, and it also says something about her. Also, the direct translation into Swedish just sounds very, very stupid.

What the name says about her, is that she is a healer, and knows everything about medicinal herbs and other remedies from  nature. Therefore, in the village where she lives, she is believed to be a witch, and that leads to horrible consequences. And that is essential to the story that follows. It can absolutely not be deleted.

So! I have a problem to solve there. And I have other “expressions” I’ve written in English, that are too difficult to just translate straight off. They need quite a lot of thinking before writing.

Anyhow, it feels good to be back on track again, and the problems will be solved. Won’t worry about that.

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Yesterday, I began listening to a guided meditation video on youtube. After a little while, I glanced at Hopi who was beside me. She was totally still, totally quiet and it seemed like she too was listening and meditating.

Does this Swedish cat understand English? Do cats understand every language?

Did she really meditate?

And I promise, she wasn’t physically connected to neither the Internet nor the electricity.

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Old doesn’t equal bad

In my friend-group, last Thursday, we began talking about movies. That’s fun! It gives me the inspiration to look for and watch movies I never even heard of before. That goes for TV-series as well. Getting tips for new ones to watch.

But this particular Thursday, an even funnier thing happened. We began talking about old movies, we have seen years, perhaps decades ago. There is one particular movie I have wanted to see again. I had been thinking about it for some time, but I couldn’t remember what it was called. The only thing I knew for sure, was that it is french, and I roughly remember the plot. Most of it, actually, if not every detail.

But what was it called? And did I remember the name of at least one of the actors? Nope! I didn’t! Then, suddenly, one of my friends began talking about this very movie, and she also mentioned she had it on DVD. Both I and another of my friends wanted to watch that movie, and we could borrow the DVD.

So this Thursday, just a couple of days ago, the owner brought that movie, and a couple of other oldies but goodies, for us to borrow and watch. I got to be the first to borrow this particular one, the others I either already have on a hard-drive or wasn’t interested in watching. And my intent was not only to watch it but also to convert to Mp4 and save on the hard drive.

The movie I’m referring to is called either “Romeauld et Juliette” or “Mama, there is a man in your bed!” depending on the language, and is from 1989. The male leading role is starred by Daniel Auteuil, and the female part by Firmine Richard.

Yes, I told you. An oldie, but really a goodie. It’s a heart-warming story, with a bit of excitement. A nice story! Everything doesn’t have to be vastly thrilling and covered with shootings, knife-stabbings and lots of blood. (Like “Gotham” f.ex.). One can be very versatile in the choice of movie-genres, you know. At least I am.

Is this a love story? Yes, that too. But quite a different one. And by this, I don’t mean the fact that he is white and she is black. The blood is always red, anyway.

I didn’t find a lot about this movie on Wiki, but at least some facts.

Mama, There’s A Man in Your Bed is a 1989 light French comedy built around an interracial romance. Its French title is Romuald et Juliette (also the title of its British DVD release). The film was directed by Coline Serreau, of Three Men and a Cradle fame and stars Daniel Auteuil and Firmine Richard.

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Compact Being

At least temporarily. Having a cat sitting in the sofa, between Interior Design on Netflix and my knitting project. (And some other stuff.)

That’s life! For the time being. It’s pretty nice. But hairy.

hopithecat & devonrex

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Hopi is back

For her annual vacation at “grandma’s”. 😀
And she sniffed her way around, when she came, peed in the kitty-sand, and kept on checking my flat. Then she found her old place on the window sill, and after that she hid under my bed. Took a nap.

So… I covered the sofa with a big blanket. Whether you like it or not, Kitty, it will remain there.

She came this afternoon and will stay for two weeks. My daughter, Hopi’s “mother” is already missing her. But they are leaving for Spain tomorrow, and are due back to get her, on the 28th.

I wouldn’t mind spending two weeks in Spain. Not as cold and dark as here. And would have nice people around me. My daughter, her husband, the Kiddo, and the in-laws.

Well! It is as it is, and soon it will be spring again.

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Why do I like “Gotham”?

There is so much violence, killings, blood, psychotic people, betrayals and so on, that half of it could be more than enough. And still! I keep on watching! Episode after episode, in a marathon-like manner.

To start with! It’s a good story. All the original characters from “Batman” are in it, though a bit modified. It’s exciting, but despite all the violence, I don’t get the feeling of this being a reality. It’s still a comic, though certainly not a comedy.

It’s kind of a classic as well, Batman. The original characters were created already in 1939 by Bob Kane and Bill Finger at DC Comics. (Read more about it here!) 

I enjoy watching Bruce Wayne grow up, facing a lot of “normal” teenage problems, and a lot of not normal ones, and I hope the story will go all the way until he becomes the Batman we know about from comic books, cartoons, tv-series, and movies.

The characters are of course a bit of stereotypes, but not only! There is a bit of vulnerability as well – sometimes. Penguin actually has a soft heart in the middle of the craziness. Well hidden, yes, but he has. The duality that possesses Ed Nygma, The Riddler, is very well portrayed. And James Gordon, the Police Commissioner, well… the honest one, has also other sides in his personality. But he constantly tries to keep it straight.

And of course, there is an ongoing win and loose-thing among the villains – as well as at the police department and other locations. Even Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s butler and guardian is not only the reliable, kind and caring one. Luckily!

So! Why shouldn’t I like “Gotham”? It’s a really good story, and well done! So, let it keep coming, Netflix! I’ve only four episodes left of season four. Give me season five, as well! Now!

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Finally, I have begun working on the manuscript to “The Lives and Whereabouts of Mz Eliza Elderberry”. Well, I needed a vacation, didn’t I?

I have been rather lazy these two weeks. Spent a lot of time watching “Gotham” on Netflix among other things. I like that series. About those years before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, focusing on James Gordon, the police detective, and all the other classic characters in the city of Gotham. Selina Kyle, the Penguin, the Riddler and so on. In a bit different forms…
I hope Netflix will send season five as well in the near future. I’m watching season four now, and it will come to an end sooner than I want it to.

During these weeks I have also been meeting friends, and it seems to be more and more to participate in, the closer we get to Christmas. If I just open my door and go out. Which I do. When you keep on going out meeting people in this area where I live, you also learn there are even more places to go to, to meet people. In this area. And often the same people, and new ones!

It’s so fun! I just love being retired! Saying Hi and Hello and knowing where I can go to be acquainted with someone or many, it’s such a treat.

Okay! I’m home a lot as well. Sometimes just dwelling. I admit. But I’m also knitting a turtle-neck sweater while watching “Gotham”. And today, hence, I began to work on my story. At last, Mz Eliza!

Began by deleting everything that didn’t have anything at all to do with the story. Updated Scrivener, it behaved very oddly so I checked if there were any updates available. And it was! So I did!

Then I made a copy to be sure I would have the first draft handy if I needed it for some reason. Finally, I translated Chapter one to Swedish and made some minor editing. Chapter one was fairly good as it was. 1890 words now. Almost 300 more than the English version.

Felt really good about that, and began to bake some bread. I have still some hummus left from yesterday. It will be yummy!

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a chiropractor. I am so tired of my stiff aching body, so I just had to do something really concrete about that problem. My body need some professional help to be able to heal that.

I’ve begun to write a bit about that on my old Thea-blog, the predecessor of this one. It’s a bit pity that that one should just be lying there dormant. So, you’re welcome over if you would like to read a bit about health, chiropractor-treatments, food-supplements and such.

And Now! I’ll eat some freshly baked bread, still warm and nice. To that, I’ll watch a movie – or perhaps the next episode of Gotham! 😀