Why do I like “Gotham”?

There is so much violence, killings, blood, psychotic people, betrayals and so on, that half of it could be more than enough. And still! I keep on watching! Episode after episode, in a marathon-like manner.

To start with! It’s a good story. All the original characters from “Batman” are in it, though a bit modified. It’s exciting, but despite all the violence, I don’t get the feeling of this being a reality. It’s still a comic, though certainly not a comedy.

It’s kind of a classic as well, Batman. The original characters were created already in 1939 by Bob Kane and Bill Finger at DC Comics. (Read more about it here!) 

I enjoy watching Bruce Wayne grow up, facing a lot of “normal” teenage problems, and a lot of not normal ones, and I hope the story will go all the way until he becomes the Batman we know about from comic books, cartoons, tv-series, and movies.

The characters are of course a bit of stereotypes, but not only! There is a bit of vulnerability as well – sometimes. Penguin actually has a soft heart in the middle of the craziness. Well hidden, yes, but he has. The duality that possesses Ed Nygma, The Riddler, is very well portrayed. And James Gordon, the Police Commissioner, well… the honest one, has also other sides in his personality. But he constantly tries to keep it straight.

And of course, there is an ongoing win and loose-thing among the villains – as well as at the police department and other locations. Even Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s butler and guardian is not only the reliable, kind and caring one. Luckily!

So! Why shouldn’t I like “Gotham”? It’s a really good story, and well done! So, let it keep coming, Netflix! I’ve only four episodes left of season four. Give me season five, as well! Now!

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