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Old = Odd ?

I was browsing a very old blog of mine, that now are lying dormant. To my own surprise, there was not only photos and some (more or less) silly texts. There was also what I had called “Odd poetry”. Here is one of the oldest, written Nov 5th, 2013.

I am boring
oh so boring
have nothing of importance to say

something happened
what has happened?
I think my muse has flown away

maybe she needed a vacation
and flew to southern states
lying there sunbathing
in utterly beauty and grace

I hope she’ll come home soon
I miss her very much
we used to have fun together
and now my life has crushed

I hope she soon will be bored
with the sun and the blueish sky
then rise her wings and fly back
and I promise, I won’t ask her “why”

8 thoughts on “Old = Odd ?

    1. At least somewhere. He he.
      Haven’t checked this with Grammarly. Maybe it’s filled with faultinesses… (my gosh, does that word even exist? Plural of faultiness!)


    1. I’m well, thank you!
      And thank you for liking this “poem”, not often I use these kinds of obvious rhymes. I go for rhythm, though. 😀

      I don’t think I’ve missed many of your poems. 😉 I like them!


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