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Poem – you never know…


In twenty years
from now
I might not even be alive

death might have taken me
one early morning
to give me a joyride
to the moon and the sun
and the heaven above

you never know…

or maybe I’ve turned into
an old bitchy lady
with henna in the hair
purple-flowered skirt and a voice
like a discordant…

you never know…
it might be so

or I will be doing great things
this little aging lady
with hair fully gone white
a neat little dress and stiff upper lip
steady hands and a flair for
esprit de finesse

you never know…

no, I don’t think so
especially not
the neat little dress
and the stiff upper lip

as a matter of fact
I haven’t the slightest clue
what will happen
while I grow older

I just go with the flow
with the meaning of life
and I live my life
in this very instant
forever and ever

that, I know

(Nov 9, 2013)

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